Heavy Is the Head!! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2 Ep.2 Recap!!


Director Coulson (Clark Gregg) decides to give Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) a second chance. Is he worth it?

Director Coulson (Clark Gregg) decides to give Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) a second chance. Is he worth it?

Melinda May tracks Creel in a stolen vehicle. Coulson orders her to stay back to which May reluctantly agrees. Skye and Trip return with the jet they stole. Coulson tells Skye that Lance Hunter has been captured. In an open field, Lance is approached General Talbot. Talbot makes Lance an offer in exchange for information on Coulson. Meanwhile, Melinda May has been keeping watch on Creel at a road side diner when she hears a woman scream. May rushes inside to see a waitress petrify before her eyes. Lance returns to base. Coulson already suspects Talbot offered him a deal and that Lance took it. Fitz is having difficulty with not being able to assist with the cloaking device. He talks to the vision of Jemma about finding a way to stop Creel instead. Elsewhere, Creel has inadvertently absorbed the 0-8-4 known as the Obelisk. He is approached by Raina who makes him an offer. Creel refuses but takes the box containing the Onyx. Skye tracks a cell phone signal that leads to Raina’s cell phone. She tells Coulson that Creel’s powers are destabilizing and that he took an item from her that has a tracking device. The signal to the tracker is found and Coulson sends his team after Creel. They track him to a public park where they see him speaking with his superior. Lance uses the ice gun to take down May, Skye and Trip before he goes after Creel solo. He uses a sniper rifle with armor piercing rounds against Creel but the Onyx Creel absorbed block the bullet. Creel chases and fights Lance. He is ready to deliver the final blow when Coulson arrives and uses Fitz’s device to destabilize Creel powers. The Obelisk turns Creel to stone. Afterward, Coulson offers Creel to Talbot in exchange for allowing his team to continue their work. Elsewhere, Raina delivers the Obelisk she took from Creel in the confusion at the park. She touches the object to discover that it hasn’t petrified her. Skye’s father tells Raina if she wants to know more, she must bring him his daughter.

I have concerns about Lance Hunter. He is a guy who plays be his own rules and may be the wrench in the team. He didn’t shy away from making a deal with General Talbot. Immediately, he should’ve had a traitor sticker slapped right on him for that. But Lance did return to the team to honor Hartley and avenge her so there is some loyalty in there somewhere. He will be the wildcard player of the team. You just don’t know what he is going to do next.

It was inevitable that Raina, the Lady in the Flower Dress would make an appearance. She may have left HYDRA but she is still up to her tricks. And now she has teamed up with Skye’s father who doesn’t seem like the loving parent. He wants his daughter for reasons yet to be revealed. Whatever those reasons are, they seem to involve the 0-8-4 that Raina is somehow able to touch with being turned into a statue. Hmm.

Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) talks to Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) who isn't really there.

Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) talks to Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) who isn’t really there.

Things are looking sketchy for Fitz. The damage to his brain has left him in a state of instability. He has been talking to a Jemma that is a figment of his imagination he created after the real Jemma Simmons left. Likely she was the only person helping keep his head. Clearly her departure has left him shattered and unable to cope with his condition. This does not go unnoticed by everyone. Skye, May and Mac are especially concerned for him. All last season, some of us had the question of what would happen if Fitz and Simmons ever were separated because they worked together and feed of each other so well. Now we see that their partnership went a lot deeper. It was nice to see Mac step up and help Fitz relate with people again besides the Simmons of his imagination. With Mac’s help, Fitz is able to recall a device he made before that can be used to take down Carl Creel. Fitz appears to be uneasy with befriending someone new following the incident with Ward whom he had mad respect for. I wouldn’t doubt that Fitz feels that he may be betrayed again since it has already happened twice. However, he is not the only one dealing with head issues. Lately, Skye has been noticing a change in Coulson since he was made the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. So have we. Coulson seems a bit more wound than before and he seems to be taking bigger risks with the missions whereas last season he was a bit more cautious. May eases Skye’s concerns telling her that he is fine. However, May knows full well that Coulson is not. Where Fitz is having episodes with him seeing Jemma, Coulson is having visions of symbols. When he has these episodes, he draws these symbols and May has been keeping photographic documentation of this. The question now is why is she keeping tabs on Coulson and for whom? Nick Fury has cast himself to the winds. Is Coulson’s condition more severe than he or May want to admit? God, I hope not.

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