Guest Review: Frank N. Stein #1 (Comic Book)

Guest review by Elyse Morales

Frank N Stein Issue 01 CoverI recently got the chance to sit down and read the first issue of Edward Dippolito’s independent comic Frank N. Stein. It was really cool! I enjoyed it and found it interesting and engaging. The art style was unique, the plot was compelling, and by the end I found myself wanting more.

The comic begins with a bird’s corpse decaying on a roof, maggots crawling in and out of it, which foreshadows the rest of the comic. The story then begins to follow a man who wakes up surrounded by dead bodies. He has no idea where he is or what is going on, but before he can figure it out, he is attacked by a zombie-like creature. Through the first few pages of the comic half of his body is covered by a sheet. It’s only when he’s attacked that the sheet falls and he realizes that half of his body has decayed, resembling the zombie’s complexion. Naturally, he freaks out. It’s about now that you should be flashing back to the decaying bird mentioned previously.

Frank N Stein Issue 01 Page 04

Then, of course, a talking cat saves the day by telling the man he knows the way out of the old house they’re stuck in. This cat is probably the most amusing part of the whole comic, making witty banter as he leads the man to supposed safety. However, idiotically, the cat gets distracted by the view of the outside world, and the man stops to stare as well. It’s only when they hear the shuffling and groaning of the zombie-type people do they snap out of it, and make to move as fast as possible. When the man goes to pick up the cat to make a faster escape, he states that he’s going to keep the cat around just in case it decides to start talking again. It’s then that the cat to disappears into thin air. We are then left to wonder whether the man imagined it and everything else, and if this is all some kind of horrific nightmare. The man himself hopes so as in the end of the comic he comes face to face with a dark world full of horrendous monsters.

Frank N Stein Issue 01 Page 16

While the art style wasn’t enthralling and the dialogue was a bit awkward we have to remember the comic is new and still finding its footing. Yet the premise of the comic is intriguing enough to make you want the next issue, even if it’s just to see where the ever-so-charming black cat vanished off to. Overall, it was a good start for an interesting indie comic series and we’ll have to wait and see what the next issues of Frank N. Stein bring.

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