Gravity Rush 2 Review!!


Developer(s) SIE Japan Studio, Project Siren
Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
Release date(s)
AU: January 18, 2017
EU: January 18, 2017
JP: January 19, 2017
NA: January 20, 2017
UK: January 20, 2017
Genre(s) Action-adventure, action role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player

Kat is back for more high flying, gravity shifting adventures. Gravity Rush 2 picks up where the first game left off. Kat continues to help the citizens of Heksville along with her one-time rival turned ally Raven and Detective Syd. The gameplay mechanics of the first title return with a new twist. With the Touch Pad, Kat can switch between her new gravity styles, Lunar and Jupiter. In Lunar Style, Kat attacks with more speed agility. She can use Wormhole Kick to close the gap between distant enemies. The strikes can be linked up to three times. Jupiter Style is just as its planetary name suggests. Kat strikes with more power in this style. The style can be shifted at any time. Other new features include destructive environments and the ability to speak and interact with everyone, unlike the first game where Kat could only speak to a select few, usually those with missions for her. As mentioned before, Raven appears in the game as a controlled AI who fights alongside Kat in some battles. According to SIE, Raven will be her own story via a DLC. One example of this is when Kat and Raven are surrounded by human soldiers and work together to defend themselves. This is followed by the a boss battle where the girls must dismantle a mech robot.


Right away, Gravity Rush 2 boasts a much larger world that is incredibly vibrant. The graphics in the first were amazing but all that had been amped up. Heksville looks beautifully stunning. There more people walking around, plants gently blowing in the breeze, flags waving on buildings and light debris being softly tossed around. Even the sky above looks more lively with clouds and birds flying as opposed to the sepia tone skies from before. Also, the animation is much smoother with blur effects that show more movement. Kat moves more fluidly whether she is walking around or flying through the air. While in Heksville, Kat fully interact with people. Bump into a guy holding balloons and he lets them go. Knock into a juggler to ruin his performance. Heck, accidently bump into a child holding an ice cream cone and feel bad for making the poor dear drop her treat. This interaction also leads into the environment as well, especially when the Nevi attack. Wooden boxes burst apart and fruit stands explode, sending debris everywhere. Amidst the chaos, Kat can pick up the pieces with her Stasis Field and launch them at the attacking Nevi. Controls respond better than before. This evident when using Kat’s gravity shifting abilities. I found it easier to guide her around while she is aloft which was a slight issue in the first title. This makes traveling through the air and using the Gravity Kick less jerky.

With more things to explore and more missions to partake, Gravity Rush 2 pushes the limits of the PS4, showcasing the console’s power. Kat and Raven are ready for their biggest adventure yet.

It’s 4 out of 5 for gravity defying heights!

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