God save the Queen!! Jafar goes to Storybrooke? Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Ep.5 Recap!!


The Red Queen (Emma  Rigby) makes her move against Jafar

The Red Queen (Emma Rigby) makes her move against Jafar

The Red Queen offers to help Alice find Cyrus and get rid of Jafar. Alice begrudgingly accepts her assistance. Cyrus succeeds in cutting his way free from the cage he has been held prisoner. The Knave and Anastasia, after having arrived in wonderland, search for a meal in the woods. The Red Queen and Alice head to for the Great Divide to stop Jafar. Alice tells her that Jafar will the least of her worries. The Red Queen has suspected that Alice will exact vengeance upon her for helping Jafar imprison Cyrus. When asked, she tells Alice that she want something that her wealth and power cannot buy. Jafar speaks with the White Rabbit, offering him to solve his debt with the Red Queen in exchange for information on Alice. A guard checks in Cyrus and the old man. After he leaves, Cyrus begins swinging his cage until he leaps from the hole he made and onto the platform. He slips the moment he lands. The guard returns to investigate. Cyrus knocks the guard in to the pit. Alice and the Red Queen reach the Great Divide where they must pass the test. In the past, Anastasia attends the ball. All seems to go well until Will is caught stealing. Alice tries to figure out the test of the ravine. She must prove her heart is pure in order to cross. Using her love for Cyrus, she begins to cross the ravine. However, after a few steps, Alice suddenly falls.

Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) will find Alice now that he's escaped from Jafar.

Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) will find Alice now that he’s escaped from Jafar.

Alice wakes up on the floor of the ravine. She calls out for the Red Queen. Anastasia suggests returning home but not before stealing the crown jewels. Will is hesitant on the idea. Anastasia manages to convince him. Cryus tosses the keys to the old man but he lets them drop into the pit below. He tells Cyrus to go on without him. Cyrus is worried that Jafar will harm the old man for information on his escape but the old man tells Cyrus not to worry. Cyrus bids his cell mate farewell and leaves. Meanwhile, Jafar has grown impatient with the White Rabbit. He cuts off his foot and demands to know who else Alice cares about. The White Rabbit tells him there is another person Alice cares about but they are not in Wonderland. In the bottom of the ravine, Alice hears the voice of someone calling to her. The person is her as a young girl. Alice asks if her younger self knows about the magic dust. Her younger self asks about her dreams and then presumes to tell her that Alice wants revenge on the Red Queen for taking Cyrus. Alice refuses to believe this. Young Alice stomps the ground, creating tremors that knock the Red Queen of the cliff and into the ravine. Young Alice tells Adult Alice to kill the queen. The Red Queen tries to use magic only to discover she can’t. Alice raises her sword and slashes it into the ground, sparing the Red Queen’s life. For her action, Young Alice vanishes, leaving behind the magic dust. After gathering the dust, Alice and the Red Queen return to the cliff where the Red Queen takes the dust and leaves. Alice however has held on to some of it, vowing that they will meet again.

Jafar is satisfied with the information that the White Rabbit gave him. He tells the Rabbit to take him to the place he spoke of. The White Rabbit quickly escapes from Jafar. He runs into Cyrus in the tunnels of Jafar’s tower and tells him to go on. Jafar catches up with the White Rabbit who doesn’t resist him. He tells him to dig his hole. The king catches Anastasia trying to steal the crown jewels. Anastasia asks him why he needs the jewels since he already has vast wealth. He tells her that she can have the jewels if she marries him. Later, William watches the King of Wonderland address his people from the balcony with his new queen Anastasia. In her courtyard, the Red Queen uses the magic dust to return the Knave back to normal. Elsewhere, Alice uses the dust to reveal Jafar’s tower. At the same time, Cyrus emerges from the tower. They will both now find each other.

Before she ruled Wonderland, Anastasia was just a peasant girl

Before she ruled Wonderland, Anastasia was just a peasant girl

We get a look at the Red Queen’s origin in this episode. When she was Anastasia, she and Will arrive in Wonderland and quickly realize that they need to survive in this new place. Upon hearing about the ball being held at the King of Wonderland’s palace, they see this as an opportunity to get what they want. They manage to sneak into the ball until Will is caught stealing. Anastasia wants to steal the king’s jewels and return home to sell them for profit. It seems her desire for the finer things in life outweigh Will’s which frightens him. He is hesitant on the idea. When she is caught in her attempt to steal the jewels, the King of Wonderland reveals that he has taken a liking to Anastasia and offers to take her hand in marriage. This way she will have the crown jewels without the need to steal them. Choosing between love and wealth and power is not a hard choice for Anastasia. She betrays Will Scarlet and marries the King of Wonderland. Her story of deceit and betrayal coincides with her current venture with Alice as they head to the Great Divide in search of magic dust that will help them in their stand against Jafar. Just as she did with Will in the past, the Red Queen coaxes Alice along with the promise of her revealing where Cyrus is being held. She compares apples to oranges with Alice saying that they are just alike—her love for Cyrus is the same as the love the Red Queen once had for Will Scarlet. Alice proves otherwise when she spares the Red Queen’s life when a manifestation of Alice as a child appears before and tells her to take kill the queen. However, their partnership turns out to be a rouse as the Red Queen would not willingly help Alice. She takes the magic dust that Alice retrieved and returns to her castle where she uses it to reverse the stone spell Jafar placed on Will. Before that, she apologizes to him. Apparently her trip down memory lane and with Alice has drudged up her feelings for Will Scarlet. She might feel a bit embarrassed by what she had done to him because she doesn’t stay after sprinkling the dust on Will. Perhaps she can love him again the way he still loves her.

Speaking of love, Alice and Cyrus might finally be getting back together. Cyrus escapes from Jafar’s tower while Alice uses the magic dust to find it. But we all know Jafar is going to throw a monkey wrench into their plans. He inquires the White Rabbit for help on finding another person whom Alice cares about in order to force her to use up her wishes. By inquire, that means Jafar cutting off the Rabbit’s foot and waving in front of him tauntingly. The White Rabbit eventually reveals that there is someone else but they are not in Wonderland. Jafar commands the White Rabbit to dig a hole to the place he mentioned. Could this be the first crossover episode into Storybrooke?