Games announced for Playstation 4!! Sony comes out swinging hard!!

Alright, here’s the latest on the Playstation 4. First off, let’s start with the PS4. According to Sony, their new system will support used games. What does this mean exactly? A buyer will be able to resell the game, loan it to a friend or keep it forever. Which is something the Xbox One cannot do. However, the PS4 will not have an online check in, which the Xbox One does. I just want to know about playing PS3 games on the thing. Hopefully, someone listened to their consumers.

After a long wait, Kingdom Hearts fans will finally have the sequel they have been waiting for. Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently in development. No release date has been confirmed but, I’m sure y’all will agree with me, it’s about time!! This looks to be a good move for Square Enix and Sony as many fans will jump to buy this long awaited sequel, thus bolstering PS4 sales for the initial launch. Hopefully, it doesn’t fizzle out like the Wii U sales.

Sony and Bethesda Softworks have joined together to bring Elder Scrolls online to the PS4 next Spring. A beta test will be exclusively available for the PS4 first.

Square Enix is pulling out the stops with another unveiling. Final Fantasy XV, rebranded from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, is coming to the PS4. And does this game look gorgeous!!

And I thought FFXIII was impressive!! Look at that!!

Sony started of big, putting Microsoft up against the wall. If Microsoft and Xbox have any hope of getting some attention, thet had better something huge waiting in the wings because if one of Sony’s reveals includes God of War or Devil May Cry, Microsoft might as well pack it in. Sony already has them beat with the retail. The Playstation 4 launches this fall with a $399 price tag. That’s a hundred dollars less than the Xbox One, which is suggested at $499.

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