Funimation to screen Tokyo Ghoul S in U.S. theaters in September!!

Hear we go, boils and ghouls! The second live action film based on Sui Ishida’s popular Tokyo Ghoul manga is heading the western theaters. Funimation began streaming the trailer for Tokyo Ghoul S on Wednesday and they will open the movie in U.S. theaters in September. The film was screened at Anime Expo on July 6. Tokyo Ghoul S sees the return of Masataka Kubota as Ken Kaneki, the main protagonist from the series. Shota Matsuda joined the cast as Shū Tsukiyama, a character who appears in the manga but was not in the last film. Fumika Shimizu who portrayed Toka Kirishima has been replaced by Maika Yamamoto after Shimizu retired from acting to join the Happy Science religious organization in 2017.

Tokyo Ghoul S opened in Japan on July 19 on 252 screens and ranked #7 in its opening weekend.