First look at character designs and preview of “No Game No Life” movie!!


The anime movie “No Game No Life” hit theaters in Japan on July 15. The film has been talked about for some time and now new characters designs have been released as well as a trailer. The story will center on Riku and Shuvi, not Sora and Shiro. Riku is much like Sora both in appearance and is a master strategist and manipulator. While on an expedition, he encountered Shuvi and challenged her to a game which he lost. Shuvi is an Ex-Machina who has the appearance of a young human girl. She journeys with Riku to better understand the human heart. Both characters were featured in Tet’s story in Volume 6 of the manga series.

Atsuko Ishizuka (Hanayamata, Prince of Stride: Alternative), who directed the TV series, is confirmed to helm the film as well. However character designer for the anime Kouji Ohya does not join him. Satoshi Tasaki (Fairy Musketeers, RIDEBACK) newly serves as the character designer.

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