First look at Battle Cat for new He-Man film!!


Yes, what you are seeing is a possible concept for Battle Cat in the planned He-Man live action movie. DeVon Franklin, Senior VP of Production for Columbia Pictures, was tweeted by a fan regarding the reboot Master of the Universe film. That fan got a quick response.


And then Franklin posted the very picture you see above.

If you were a kid in the 80’s, you likely got excited for the first live “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” film only to be left mortally wounded afterward. There were none of He-Man’s feats of strength displayed. Skeletor looked more like Emperor Palpatine from “Star Wars” . And most of all, the movie took place on Earth, not on He-Man’s home planet Eternia. And worse, no Battle Cat. Many of us 80’s kids remember played with our He-Man and Battle Cat toys and longed to see the mighty half-dragon, half-tiger beast in the film. But we were denied. Some people now enjoy the film because it’s so bad it’s good.

Hopefully, this reveal is true and we will get a worthy “Masters” film.

Here’s the trailer to the original film.

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