Fire and Ice!! The Flash S1 Ep.10 Recap!!


"Prison Break" alums Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell portray Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and Mick Rory aka Heat Wave

“Prison Break” alums Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell portray Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and Mick Rory aka Heat Wave

While Barry trains for his next encounter with the man in the yellow suit, Snart and his partner Mick Rory break into a car garage in anticipation for the Flash showing up. They leave when he doesn’t show. Barry arrives at the crime scene and notices that the door was frozen solid. Realizing that Snart aka Captain Cold is back, Wells and Cisco work on a way of neutralizing the Cold Gun. Meanwhile, Barry is once again consumed with finding the man in the yellow suit. At the police station, Cisco and Wells show the officers the blast shields they made to withstand the Cold Gun. Barry and Caitlin look into Ronnie research on a project called “F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.” Later, Snart and Mick Rory are cornered at a private airplane hangar after stealing a highly valuable painting. They manage to hold back the police until Mick’s gun is damaged and they are forced to flee. Back at their hideout, Snart and Mick have a falling out which is quickly resolved with Snart proposing that they eliminate the Flash in order to seize central City. They find and kidnap Caitlin Snow and then broadcast a message across the airwaves calling Barry out. No longer able to keep himself secret at the cost of Caitlin’s life, Barry confronts Snart and Rory as the Flash.

The Flash Is Born

Ever since his encounter with the “Man in the Yellow Suit”, Barry has been training extensively to increase his speed for another go around with his mother’s killer. He shifts his focus back to finding the “Reverse Flash” which doesn’t bode well with Joe West. Barry confesses his fear of not being able to being able to protect those he cares about. His friendship with Isis is already strained from the incident involving Roy Bivolo aka Rainbow Raider/Prism. Keeping his life as Flash secret from his best friend is putting Barry under pressure especially when he likes her. He confessed his feelings to her but that is not enough to lift the full weight of guilt for attacking Eddie Thawne. But this is the least of Barry’s problems. Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart has returned with a new friend, Mick Rory. DC fans will know him as Heatwave and that these two polar opposites have teamed up, both willingly and unwillingly, several times before. Mick Rory’s deep pyromania is brought out beautifully by Dominic Purcell. He and Wentworth Miller both starred in Prison Break so these roles are perfect for them. Just like in the comics, Snart has to contend with Rory’s outbursts that tend to interfere with Snart’s plans. Snart remembers that the Flash has friends at Star Labs from his first encounter with him and kidnaps Caitlin Snow. He then issues a challenge to the Flash to face both him and Rory. This fight was epic! Not as epic as when Barry faced off against the Man in the Yellow Suit but epic in its own right. The movie quality effects used in the show make me forget sometimes that I’m watching a TV series. And I love the darker incarnations of the Rogues that have been featured thus far. They are a devilishly fun blend of something new while staying true to the old. Well, Captain Cold and Heatwave are defeated by the Flash (no surprise) and afterward, Barry realizes that even though his mother’s killer is still out there, he still has a responsibility to the people of Central City especially now that they know the Flash exists. As an added bonus, Eddie Thawne appears to have given up his mission to hunt the Flash after helping him against Snart and Rory.

The “hot and cold” are jailed and sent to Iron Heights Prison. However, Snart, ever calculating, had a contingency plan. The armored truck carrying them is attacked and they are freed. Snart smiles at their liberator and says, “Hello sis.” Flash fans already know that Leonard Snart has a sister named Lisa, better known as Golden Glider. The question is which version of Lisa Snart the series is going with. Will she have ice skates that allow her to glide on ice anywhere and an affinity for jewel themed gadgets or will she be an astral form with ribbon-like tendrils that can cut through anything? Thing are just heating up for a cold reception.

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