Fight for the universe with the Z Fighters once again!!

Dragonball Fighter Z

There is no doubt that the Dragon Ball series is one of the greatest fighting series of all time! Namco Bandai have released several games depicting the Z Fighters over the last decade and a half and that tradition still continues. Dragonball Fighters Z will be the latest released in the Dragon Ball based video game library. Thus far, the game have featured battles taking place in 3D plane. However, this title appears to follow the more traditional fighting game path by moving the action to a 2.5D plane, similar to Netherrealm Studios’ DC Comics-based fighter, Injustice. Besides the 2.5D plane, Dragonball fighters looks to feature Tag Team fighting, taking a page from other fighting games such as Capcom’s “Marvel vs Capcom” where this is most notable. Expect to see Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and all your favorite characters going head to head in this amazing looking game in Early 2018!