Feel the Dragon’s might!! Awesome Cartoons has the Savage Dragon!!

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Dragons are majestic creatures of lore. They represent strength and wisdom. These mighty beasts have been depicted in many forms of throughout literature and pop culture. In some cases, they also represent authority, having their images branded on the shields of knights or seen as keeping other fantastic creatures in line. In the 90’s, there was one dragon in particular who not only up held authority but did so wearing a shield. I am Devildriver1313 and here’s an Awesome Cartoons look at the Savage Dragon.


Savage Dragon is an animated series based on the comic series of the same name created by Erik Larsen. The series is set in a fictional version of Chicago that is overrun with criminals and mutated beings known as “superfreaks.” The criminal mastermind Overlord aka Antonio Seghetti (Yes, that is his name) ran crime syndicate called the Vicious Circle which was comprised of mutants, cyborgs, monsters, assassins, and magicians (just in case a birthday comes up). The Vicious Circle had a strong hold on the Windy City until they encountered the last person who could challenge—The Dragon. With no memory of his past, The Dragon joined the Chicago Police Department to help combat Overlord and his army of superhuman thugs.

AWESOMENESS!! Savage Dragon was all action, like so many cartoons of the Gen X years. The animation and characters designs complimented their comic counterparts rather well with few changes made. It was a joy to watch the Dragon lift a car and hurl it at a rampaging robot or take down a group of superfreaks using a variety of moves as well as the environment. The comics were way more graphic and showed blood so it’s no surprise that the animated series would not display this. Lighthearted humor also played a role in the series and helped keep things still kid friendly. And like many cartoons at the time, real world scenarios were used in some episodes. One in particular dealt with a private investigator who is prejudice against the superfreaks including the Dragon whom he does not feel comfortable working with on a case.

The Savage Dragon series was sadly short-lived, running for 26 episodes from September 21, 1995 to December 21, 1996. The show appeared on USA Network’s “Action Extreme Team” alongside other awesome cartoons Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm and Wing Commander Academy. However, the comics are still ongoing with Erik Larsen releasing the 200th issue of the Savage Dragon. Though his animated adventures ended too soon, the Dragon is a worthy comic adaption and proved that anyone can be a cop, even if they are green-skinned with an awesome fin on their head.