Fans of Dragon Ball unite to bid Bulma farewell.

In November 2017, we were sadden by the untimely death of voice actress Hiromi Tsuru, best remembered for portraying Bulma Briefs, Capsule Corp CEO in the anime adaption of Akira Toriyama’s action saga “Dragon Ball”. She held the role since the beginning, voicing Bulma in the following in series “Dragon Ball Z”, “Dragon Ball GT” and “Dragon Ball Super” as well movie and video game adaptions. Dragon Ball fans and cast members gathered over the past weekend to remember Hiromi Tsuru. A public memorial was held in Tokyo, Japan to give hundreds of fans a change to bid farewell to the beloved actress. Fellow cast member Masako Nazowa, Goku’s voice actor, also attended the service along with other cast members who have worked closely with Hiromi.

Masako Nazowa gave a few words that sums up everyone’s feelings that day: “If we gather all seven Dragon Balls, any wish will be granted. But this time…they are useless. I’m sorry.”

Video report of the service for Hiromi Tsuru (Japanese audio)