Family Matters!! Once Upon a Time S3 Ep.4 Recap!!


Once Upon S3_Ep4_rumplestiltskin_baelfire
Baelfire is escorted to Pan. The lost boy Felix tells him that Pan is searching for the heart of the truest believer. In the Enchanted Forest, Rumplestiltskin hands Baelfire a knife but he refuses it, telling him that he wishes to see the world. Rumplestiltskin reminds him of the many enemies he made. In Neverland, Gold speaks with the image of Belle who begs him to not become the man he used to be. Emma and the rest make a plan to storm Pan’s hideout to rescue henry. Tink asks what their escape plan is. When she learns that there isn’t one, she tells them that no one has ever left the island without Pan’s permission. With that, the wingless fairy leaves. Elsewhere, gold encounters two of Pan’s sentries and disposes of them. Then he encounters Baelfire whom he mistakes for a vision until he soon realizes that he is his son. In the past, Baelfire has left home. Rumplestiltskin tracks him to the town of Hamlen where the villagers tell him that his son was taken by the Piper. Gold is willing to sacrifice himself to save Henry, saving that to beat Pan one has to be willing to die. Baelfire tells him that there is another way. They head to the beach where Baelfire blows a conch shell to summon a giant squid. After killing it, he tells his father that the squid ink can immobilize a magical creature.

JENNIFER MORRISON, COLIN O'DONOGHUE, JOSH DALLAS, LANA PARRILLA, GINNIFER GOODWINLed by Hook, Henry’s rescue party find a hidden cave. Hook is still concerned for David who has been affected by the poison. David tells the pirate to keep his condition a secret. In the cave, Emma sees that it was once occupied by Baelfire. In Hamlen, Rumplestiltskin waits for the Piper to return. Following the children who were following the music, he finds a group of boys dancing around a bond fire. Rumplestiltskin confronts the Piper who turns out to be Peter Pan. Pan and Rumplestiltskin have a history. He tells the Dark One that Baelfire has already joined up with his group. Rumplestiltskin refuses to believe him. At his camp in Neverland, Pan tries to get Henry to join using his flute but Henry doesn’t hear it. Felix reports back about Baelfire and Gold. Emma and the rest look around the cave for a clue that Bealfire may have left behind that will help them defeat Pan and leave Neverland. In the cave, Snow finds something that may be of use. Emma puts the two halves of the coconut together to reveal that Baelfire made a map that shows the way home. Gold and Neil find Pan’s camp where Neil uses the ink covered arrow to immobilize Pan. Just as Neil picks up Henry, Pan tells him about the prophecy told to Gold in his Rumplestiltskin days about how he may have to kill Henry to save himself.

Baelfire confronts his father about what Pan had said. Gold tells him about the Seer which upsets him. He tells him that this time is different, that he has come to save Henry. Neil disbelief in his father stems from when he met Pan in the Enchanted World where his father takes him back to their home against Baelfire’s wishes. That distrust continues as Neil uses a leave smeared with ink to immobilize his father and take Henry. In the cave, Snow asks Hook about the map. Hook tells him that he shown Baelfire how to read and draw maps using the stars as his guide. Realizing that Neil is the only one who can read the map, Emma realizes how much she truly loves Neil. Somewhere in the Dark Forest, Neil finds Emma’s tracks only to be ambushed by Pan and the Lost Boys. They take Henry back and Neil prisoner. Back at his camp, Pan plays his flute for Henry who can now hear it.

Once Upon S3_Ep4_goldEverything Rumplestiltskin has done he has done it for his son Baelfire. He acquired the powers of the Dark One so he would no longer feel like coward. Sadly, this has backfired as Baelfire has grown tired of how his father had changed. He wants to leave and see the world but Rumplestiltskin has kept his son close for fear that his enemies will take him or worse once they learn who he is. The Dark One’s worst fear comes true when he returns home to find Baelfire gone. He tracks him to the town of Hamlen where he is told that all the children have been taken by a Piper. Now we all know that story of the Pied Piper which plays out well. Rumplestiltskin finds and encounters the Piper who is Peter Pan. See, it makes perfect sense. Pan has a flute and he uses it to lore lonely children; Baelfire among them. Pan gives the Dark One a choice to allow Baelfire to choose between going home or being with him and his Lost Boys. Rumplestiltskin whisks Baelfire home much to Baelfire’s dismay. It is then that it is revealed that Peter Pan knew Rumplestiltskin as a child and how he tricked him. However, Baelfire refuses to listen when his father warns him about Pan. He feels that his father cannot even trust his own son. This issue of trust stems into today where, after learning about the prophecy, Neil cannot trust his father to be around Henry or believe that he can change. Gold has been struggling to get back into his son’s good graces but the wounds are too deep. Using the ink that immobilized Pan, Neil keeps his father at bay while he takes Henry far away from his would-be murderer. Gold tries to warn him about Pan again but Neil refuses to listen again. Perhaps he should have heeded his father’s warning as Pan ambushes him and takes Henry.

During all this, a glimpse into Rumplestiltskins’ is revealed. Years ago, he was once taken by Pan as a child when his father abandoned him. He felt lost and alone and unloved. He has tried all he can to not repeat his father’s mistake but to no avail. Rumplestiltskin has abandoned his son and ruined his belief in him. Unlike his father, he took the easier route and gained power to beat back the fear by instilling it in others. Unfortunately, he instilled it in his son as well. Rumpletiltskin likely did not think that he would strike fear into his own son and since then he has been trying to find a way to make amends. The only way would be for Rumplestiltskin to give up the power he gained; however, this would result in him returning to normal, back to the coward he once was, or rather still is seeing as he is too afraid to return to the fearful Rumplestiltskin in favor of the feared Rumplestiltskin. It’s a shame to be living a vicious cycle. However, he ultimately has to choose which he desires more—his son or his power.

ROBBIE KAYPeter Pan is far wickeder than he was first perceived. He has taken countless boys who felt lost from their home to give them a new life for who knows how long. He has done it with Baelfire and now he has managed to bring Henry under his spell. This is proof of how manipulative he is. Henry has always believed that his family will come for him and held out perhaps longer than any of the other boys Pan has deceived. But not even Henry’s indomitable heart can hold out for long against Peter’s whims. Being in Neverland has prevented Peter from aging hence why he has encountered Rumplestiltskin in his youth shortly after his father abandoned him. With this point illustrated, Pan and Rumpletiltskin’s past will be revealed as the season progresses and we get to meet the father of the future Dark One.