f.y.e. at J1-Con 2?? Playstation 4????

That’s what we said folks! The store, f.y.e. will have a table at J1-Con 2 on July 28th at the Blockley in Philadelphia PA. What will they be providing you say? Well, they are said to be bringing a specialist in anime and one for gaming.  Along with their specialist will be Skylander figures for purchase, other games as well as anime at the table for purchase.

IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED that YOU (yes you) will be able to PREORDER the Playstation 4 at J1-Con 2!!! How official is that?

RSVP via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/546495822065671

J1-Con website: https://www.j1studios.com/j1-con/


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