Emma’s desperation and Henry’s heartbreak!! Once Upon a Time S5 Ep.5 Recap!!


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In Camelot, Regina and Emma figure out a way to free Merlin from his imprisonment in the tree. Using the dream catcher, Emma learns that the previous Dark One sealed Merlin in the tree using his tears of sorrow which he shed for a woman he loved. Regina guesses that the way to free him is to use the same method. Henry is still trying to win over Violet both in Camelot and Storybrooke. When Violet’s horse goes missing, he goes to his mother Emma, hoping there is still some good in her. They soon find Violet’s horse and Henry returns it to her. Regina, Hook, Belle and Robin sneak into Emma’s house where they discover Excalibur and evidence that Gold was there. As they leave, Hook finds a magic dreamcatcher. While the town is having a celebration, Regina uses the dreamcatcher to see the terrible deed Emma had done to Henry. Elsewhere, Merida searches for a way to convince Gold to start acting brave.

Once Upon S5-5_emma-henry-regina

We start to get little snippets of what happened in Camelot that sent Emma into the downward spiral of the Dark One. After learning about how to free Merlin, Emma takes out Violet’s heart and forces her to break Henry’s so he would give up a tear of sorrow after Regina’s tear was not effective since she has moved on to Robin from her first love Daniel after he was killed by Cora. It seems that Emma’s desperation has won out if she is willing to hurt her own child in order to free herself from the darkness. This fact is revealed by the dreamcatcher found in Emma’s house by Regina and Hook. Needless to say that Henry is devastated that his mother would do something so horrible to him after she has numerous times put her life on the line to protect him. She has traveled to Neverland, to the Enchanted Forest and battled all manner of evil for the sake of her son. Now Emma has become that evil that threatens her son. What worse, she believes that it is all for his benefit. Now why does that sound familiar? Oh yes, Rumplestiltskin believed the same thing for himself about his son Baelfire when he was the Dark One. He tries to reason with Emma, knowing exactly what it is like to gain the whole world only to lose your own soul. Emma doesn’t bite. She still wants Rumplestiltskin to become brave in order to remove Excalibur from the stone so she can merge the Dagger back with its mate. Why, to snuff out Light Magic. Emma used to wield the good stuff so why would she want to smite it? What happened when she freed Merlin in Camelot?

Oh yeah, Merlin is out thanks to Emma’s deception. But the reunion is less than friendly between Arthur and the powerful sorcerer. There is some serious bad blood between them. It’ll be interesting to find out what sparked that. Merlin is willing to help Emma rid herself of the darkness but she has to want it. Emma is being given the “Morpheus treatment.” She has to take either the blue pill, which is be cleansed of the darkness, or the red pill, become a malevolent being who destroys the lives of the people who care about her. Clearly, she wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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