EA announces plans to bring back Skate!!

Get ready to grind the rails, Gamers!! Electronic Arts has announced that they will be reviving the legendary Skate franchise. At its EA Play showcase, EA revealed that the game will do more than just serve as nostalgia. It will be a branching brand new gameplay, open world exploration, customization and engagement that will fit in today’s world even though the game has been away from consoles for a decade. The latest title in the series, Skate 3, was released in 2010. The reason the series is returning is because the developers and fans never fell out of love with it. Game director Deran Chung said he always intended to return to Skate and the time proved right after a change in leadership.

“Our vision as a studios leadership team,” says Laura Miele, EA chief studios officer and a Skate fan from the beginning who pushed for its return, “is to listen to player feedback and act on it, so this project has been a priority for us for the past few years.”

Though EA Black Box is non-existent, a good chunk of the team remains within the company. According to Game Informer’s report, the team will come together again to work on the new Skate title. To keep with how skateboarding has changed over the years since Skate 3, the devs will moving in a new direction. Skating will no longer be just about the street. It will also be about people with a good board being themselves. The new Skate will allow players to create a game that fits their style with its customization of clothing, characters and to ability to build your own team.

As a gamer and a fan of the skateboarding world, I am glad to see this series return. While EA is keeping the bulk of information under wraps, I anticipate what they have in store for this long awaited next entry.

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