Dragon Maid shoot ’em up video shows off story mode!!

What’s happening, J1sters!

We got a new video for Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Sakuretsu!! Chorogon Breath, the upcoming video game featuring the dragons of Coolkyousinnjya’s popular manga series, which is set to launch March 24 for PS4 and Switch. Join VAs Risa Tsumugi (Chiyu Tamade in BanG Dream!), Wakana Kingyo (Matilda Matisse in Shaman King), and Yuzuki Watase (Miiko Takeshita in D4DJ First Mix) as they take us through the game’s features including story mode, courtesy of footage provided by Bushiroad and Kaminari Games who are working on the title.

The story mode footage begins at 8:53 and ends at 19:47.