Doom Annihilation headed straight to video!! Yup, they’re doing another one!

So yeah, it looks like we getting another live film adaption of the original FPS title, Doom. The new film, Doom Annihilation, will be directed by Tony Giglio, script writer for the Death Race films and director of Resident Evil: Afterlife. The film will have no connection to the first Doom movie released in 2006 that starred Dwayne Johnson. Following impressive reviews for his 2018 action film Rampage (which is loosely based on the game of the same name), Johnson took to Twitter to disavow his starring role Doom, referring to it as a “stinker.” Rock, yes, we all agree with you.

Not wanting to spell “Doom” again, Universal Pictures will keep this film out of theaters, sending straight to home video. Smart move considering Universal distributed the first Doom film and lost big on it. Doom made a total of $56 million worldwide on a $60 million budget, aka epic fail. Doom Annihilation looks to be exactly what you’d expect. So, enjoy the teaser trailer with soldiers, a couple demons and some hellish dialogue.