Donate to make a magazine focused ONLY on indie comics come to life! AWESOME!!!


This campaign is for the up and coming fantasy, sci-fi and noir magazine Outer world. To pay the editors, creators and artists.


What is Outer world Magazine

Outer World will be an anthology publication done in a magazine style format. It will feature the genres of superheroes, sci-fi, noir and fantasy stories for a mature audience.The goal is to collect artwork and stories done by indie creators of color for people of all races and backgrounds. Done in the style of classic anthology magazines such as Heavy Metal, Outer World will feature rotating creators and stories with each publication.

How your donations can help this project

Here’s the break down on how your donations can make a difference:

Funding from the donations made by you will go towards paying the artists, writers, creators and editors of this magazine. Our team is important to us and the least we can do is pay them.

Paper is expensive. Funds will also go to the printing and marketing of the magazine. Each creator and artist taking part in this project will be given a certain number of magazines to take with them to book store signings, comic book shops and comic cons.


List of comic book artists and creators involved are:

Al Hobbie

Al Stewart

Bradley Golden

Brian Mark Williams

Devon Camel

(Yours truly) Jason Richardson

Jiba Molei Anderson

Joe Robinson Currie

Shawn Alleyne

Travis Louis

Kimberly Moseberry



LuEllen Joy Miller Giera

Ra’Chaun Rogers

Lana Maria

Jiba Molei Anderson

Joe McFee

Kimberly Moseberry


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