Do you believe in fairies?! Once Upon a Time S3 Ep3 Recap!!


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Regina, Emma, Snow, Charming and hook search for Tinkerbelle in order to learn Pan’s location. Along the way, hook notices that David has been poisoned and tells him that he has days to live. In the enchanted forest, Tinkerbelle offers her help to Regina. However, the Blue Fairy disapproves of Tinkerbelle’s involvement with Regina and orders her to stay in the fairy homeland. When the Blue fairy leaves, Tinkerbelle disobeys her and returns to the human world. In Rumplestiltskin’s castle, Baelfire asks Robin Hood to have his son call out to the shadow so Bealfire can travel to Neverland. Robin quickly disapproves but with some convincing from Baelfire he reluctantly agrees. Regina tells Emma that Tinkerbelle will not be happy to see her. In the enchanted forest, Tinkerbelle returns to Regina with fairy dust in an attempt to help Regina quell the anger in her heart. They follow the trail of fairy dust to an inn where Tinkerbelle tells Regina this is where she will find her happiness. Regina enters the inn but quickly leaves one she sees the man the fairy dust has led her to. Tinkerbelle finds Regina in Neverland and uses fairy dust to put her to sleep. Meanwhile the rest of the group search Tinkerbelle’s home. They soon realize that they have been misled. Regina has been taken to a cave by Tinkerbelle. She noticed that the green fairy is out of magic. A flashback reveals Regina’s betrayal of Tinkerbelle. The evil queen tells her that the dust was wrong and that she is a terrible fairy. Tinkerbelle thought she had a friend in Regina but she was wrong. Regina then takes out her own heart and tells Tinkerbelle to crush it.

In the enchanted forest, the Blue Fairy confronts Tinkerbelle about the stolen fairy dust. She can no longer believe in Tinkerbelle and as a result Tinkerbelle loses her wings. Regina is reminded of this and tells Tinkerbelle that if she kills her that her heart will darken as well. Tinkerbelle thinks about it and finally decides to not kill Regina but she will not help her either, for she believes that it is too late for henry. At the Hangman’s tree, Pan tells henry that he has been watching him ever since he was born and that he is the one who can save magic. Henry doesn’t believe Pan even though Pan knew things that he hadn’t expected such as Emma breaking the curse. Meanwhile, Rowland, Robin Hood’s son, calls for the shadow. When it arrives, Mulan fights it off and, just as it flies away, Bealfire leaps on to it, letting it take him to Neverland. Afterward, Robin offers Mulan a place in his band but Mulan declines. She visits Aurora where she tells her that she is joining Robin Hood’s band. The group finds Tinkerbelle’s cave and learn that Regina is fine. Regina informs them that the powerless fairy will not help. Emma and Snow convince her to get them into Pan’s camp. Henry picks up the piece of paper Pan handed him. It is a drawing of him. Mulan joins up with Robin Hood. It is revealed that he was the man with the lion tattoo that Regina rejected.

Once Upon S3_Ep3_tinkerbelleI get excited when a new character is introduced in “Once Upon a Time” and in this episode we introduced to Peter Pan’s faithful sprite Tinkerbelle. It was inevitable that this would happen. You can’t have Pan without Tink. However, she is not the cheery fairy we have come to know and love. Tinkerbelle meets Regina after she loses her love Daniel and wants to help her quell the anger in her heart. Regina jumps at the chance to be happy again. Tinkerbelle forms a friendship with regina and offers to help her find happiness again. For the moment, it was nice to see regina smile when she isn’t ripping out someone’s heart. Tinkerbelle returns to the fairy homeland where the Blue Fairy is not happy with her involvement with Regina and tells her to end her friendship with Regina and to stay in the fairy homeland. The Blue Fairy is still upset by what Cora had done and trusts Regina as far as she can throw her. Now, fairies aren’t usually supposed to be rebellious when given strict instructions but Tinkerbelle is follows her heart instead of rules much like her animated counterpart in the current story about the famous sprite. She takes fairy dust without the Blue Fairy’s approval and uses it to find Regina a new love. But when Regina refuses to meet the man the dust led her to, she blames Tinkerbelle. Then things get worse for her when the Blue Fairy finds out about the stolen fairy dust. This ruins her belief in Tinkerbelle and disenchants her. With no magic, Tinkerbelle has lost her home and herself.

Where Tink has slowly descended into darkness, Regina is trying to rise out of it. When she is captured by Tinkerbelle, she gives the fallen fairy a choice between revenge and redemption. Regina offers Tink her own heart and tells her to crush it. Tinkerbelle calls Regina out but Regina knows that Tinkerbelle doesn’t have it in her. It was interesting to see Regina, who has done nothing but ruin the lives of others, try to help someone redeem themselves. She can’t help but feel sympathetic towards Tinkerbelle since Regina has been trying to redeem herself for Henry’s sake. This is certainly a come around for her, but it is understandable as she has been given the chance as well by Snow White back in the Enchanted Forest when she was to be executed. Regina may have darkened her heart but it seems that she doesn’t want Tinkerbelle to do the same. This might stem from the friendship they shared before. Nonetheless, it is strange yet interesting to see how much effort Regina is truly putting into changing her ways.

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My wish has been granted. Robin Hood’s story is going to be told out this season. Being the honorable man he is he has kept watch over Rumplestiltskin’s as payment for being spared by the Dark One some time ago. He helps Baelfire reunite himself with his family in Neverland by having his son Rowland call out to the Shadow and then offers Mulan a place in his band of Merry Men. What will happen to Aurora now that Mulan is no longer her protector? I can’t wait to see what take the series will have on the legendary tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and how, according to Tinkerbelle, Regina ruined his life when she refused to meet the man with the lion tattoo. Robin Hood is the man with the lion tattoo.

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