Dexter Season 7


You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT simply tune into the newly premiered Season 7 of Dexter without having caught up on previous seasons. Season 6’s finale was absolutely gut wrenching and this season couldn’t have come soon enough…


Lieutenant Debra Morgan, um, also known as Dexter’s sister, discovered Dexter mid-kill in the finale, killing off the season’s underwhelming villain, The Doomsday killer played by Colin Hanks. We all knew her discovery of Dexter’s true identity was coming at some point – there had been perilous close calls leading up to this moment. How would she respond? Her initial reaction was appropriate; disbelief and anger. At the end of the first episode, he confirms that this was not an isolated incident and admits that he is indeed a serial killer. She struggles with the knowledge however, he convinces her, at least temporarily, that keeping this a secret is the best route. The only way she will keep quiet though, is if he tries rehabilitation under her tight watch. Yes, this is not going to work and indeed, is going to push to his limits… or over the edge. He appears to try to convince her that his goal too will be some form of rehabilitation yet there is an understanding as an audience, that we know he’s accepted his nature. It’s not necessarily what he does, it is a part of who he is. The tension is sure to build due to her chokehold.

Captain Maria LaGuerta enters into this season giving Lt. Morgan a backhanded compliment and we seem to have an understanding that any act of kindness coming from her must be taken with a grain of salt, or just with the knowledge that she is still a skilled manipulator. She finds missed evidence, blood on a slide, at the Doomsday Killer’s death scene. She appears to be getting closer to finding inconsistencies with Detective Sergeant Doakes being deemed the Bay Harbor Butcher in his death in Season 2. Slides with blood on them, in the manner found, were associated with the Bay Harbor Butcher so how is this same type of evidence in a current-day crime scene? Dexter is highly skilled at coverups yet will his grave error of forgetting this evidence do him in for good?

Detective Sergeant Angel Batista is back, and along with Detective Quinn, on the case of a dead stripper found and more importantly, a murdered Detective Mike Anderson. This plot seems somewhat interesting, we shall see what is to come. I’ve missed you Batista….

There were a few misfires during the previous season, including Debra’s therapist in Season 6 convincing Debra that she was in love with Dexter due to mixed emotions. Really? So you jump to an incestuous-type lust simply because she has difficulty communicating with her emotionally distant brother? Give me a break – completely unnecessary. In addition, Season 6’s villain(s), the Doomsday Killer(s) = not quite good enough. Possibly it wasn’t written as well, as Colin Hanks is a talented actor, but it was difficult to feel connected (in any form, love or hate) or passionate about his character. We were previously given characters such as the Ice Truck Killer (played by Christian Camargo), Miguel Prado (played by Jimmy Smits), and the Trinity Killer (played by John Lithgow); high expectations must be lived up to!

The prospect of Dexter Gone Wild (new mini dvd series anyone?) due to Debra’s tight watch is thrilling and I cannot wait to see what this season brings! High hopes indeed. So far after watching the first two episodes, I give the season a 3 out of 5.

Tune in on Showtime, on Sunday at 9pm EST.

Danae signing off!

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