Development of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Part 2 may be affected due to COVID19

However, the impact should not be significant.

It is no surprise that the COVID19 pandemic has made its impact on the entertainment world, bringing movie, music, television and all other media productions to a halt. But lately, things seem to be turning around. Naoki Hamaguchi, co-director for Final Fantasy VII Remake, and producer Yoshinori Kitase were asked in an interview with The Guardian about the effects COVID19 had on production. Kitase said “releasing the game during these unprecedented times has blindsided us.” He goes on the discuss the game’s second part, stating that due to the team working from home, production will be operating at as less than 100% efficiency. However, they are confident that FFVIIR Part 2 will be released in a reasonable amount to time.

Also in the interview, Kitase and Hamaguchi were asked about the second part’s storyline. According to Kitase, the storyline “will not drastically change the story fans already know” and that main antagonist Sephiroth “will play a larger role” in the second part.

Source: The Guardian