Defenders Episode 6 Chapter 3 Pt.2!!

Guardian, Captain Wilcox, and Nicole leave the pilots’ lounge and head for the control tower. A few minutes later they reach the control tower where Captain Wilcox is told the distressing news. There’s an airplane heading towards London Airport that has lost power and is preparing for an emergency landing. After being informed of the situation, Captain Wilcox picks up the microphone and talks to the pilots of the distressed airplane. “This is Captain John Wilcox of London Airport. Who am I speaking to?”
“This is Captain Mark Johnson of U.S. Air Travel Flight 704 from New York, we have lost power and we are descending rapidly! All engines are off-line and we have no navigation! We’re preparing for an emergency landing!” Captain Johnson said distressed.
Captain Wilcox looks at Guardian and asks, “You said you were the Guardian, right? Do you think you can save those people?”
“I’m already there!” said Guardian.
Guardian quickly leaves the control tower and heads for the runway. Once he is on the runway he immediately takes off and flies toward the distressed airplane. Inside the tower, everyone inside, including Captain Wilcox and Nicole, watch through the window as Guardian flies speedily into the air. “He really is the Guardian,” Captain Wilcox said softly. The he switches on the microphone and tells the pilot of Flight 704 that help was on the way. “Flight 704 this is Captain Wilcox, we have somebody coming up to help you. You should recognize him; he’s a friend of yours. Over.”
“What do you mean a friend, Captain Wilcox? Over.” Captain Johnson asked unsurely.
“Well he’s wearing a black trench coat and a hat and he’s heading your way.” said Captain Wilcox.
Inside the cockpit of the airplane, the pilot, co-pilot and navigator all try desperately to find a way to restore power to the plane. They flip switches and press buttons franticly in the hopes that perhaps one of them would restore the airplane’s power. “I would sure like to know what that Captain Wilcox meant by there being a friend coming to help us,” Captain Johnson said as he struggled with the controls. The co-pilot was looking over the plane’s speed and altitude when he looked up out of the window and saw that Guardian was approaching them fast. “Uh, Mark, I think I know what Captain Wilcox meant by there being a friend.” said the co-pilot.
“What are you talking about?” Captain Johnson said.
“Look!” the co-pilot said and pointed to the window.
Captain Johnson looks out the window and he, too, sees Guardian approaching them. “I don’t believe it; that looks like the Guardian,” he said, “I don’t know what he’s doing here but I’m sure glad he is.”
The airliner continues its rapid descent as Guardian continues to ascend toward it. “I never actually lifted an airplane before but there’s always a first time for anything.” he said. He quickly approaches the plane and heads for the right wing. He quickly changes his speed to match the plane’s and uses his lightning powers to adhere himself to the wing. Guardian looks into one of the windows and he says to himself, “Alright, time to go in and say hi.” He charges himself with lightning and teleports inside the airplane. He reappears in the cabin and everyone is both surprised and relieved to see that he’s there. The passengers murmur amongst each other as Guardian started to walk down the aisle. “Don’t worry you’re all gonna be okay.” Guardian reassured the frightened passengers.
“Please can you save us?” a woman pleaded.
“I will,” said Guardian. As he made his way to the cockpit, he passes by a nun who was in the middle of a prayer when she looked up and saw him. The nun does the sign of Christ and kisses her rosary. Guardian reaches the door of the cockpit and opens it. He walks into the cockpit and sees the pilots and the navigator still trying desperately to restore the plane’s power. Captain Johnson looks back toward the door and sees Guardian standing in front of it. “Guardian, thank god you’re here.” said Captain Johnson as he wrestled with the controls.
“We have to hurry Captain Johnson. Just tell me exactly what happened.” said Guardian.
“We’ve lost all electrical power and all four engines are off-line as well as our navigation system.” Captain Johnson explained.
“Do you still have fuel?” asked Guardian.
“Alright, listen carefully and do exactly as I say. I want you guys to go through your normal landing procedures, okay.” Guardian told them.
“Easier said than done! Without any power there’s no way…” the co-pilot started to say.
“I’ll take care of the power. Just begin doing your landing procedures in about a minute.” said Guardian. Then he disappears in a flash of lightning.
The navigator looks over at the pilots and asks, “So what do we do?”
Captain Johnson hesitates in answering but finally he says, “We do what he says.”
The men turn toward their stations and begin to prepare for an emergency landing. “You think whatever he has planned will work?” asked the co-pilot.
“I sure hope so.” answered Captain Johnson.
Out on the roof of the airplane, Guardian prepares to use his power to restore power to Flight 704. “Okay, here goes nothing,” he said. He kneels down and places his hands on the plane’s roof. Then he charges himself with lightning and sends electrical surges coursing through the plane. Guardian’s power flows the airplane’s circuitry and into the cockpit, where the pilots and navigator watch with amazement and relief as the lights and guidance systems begin to turn on. Even the lights in the plane’s cabin were restored. The passengers were relieved and overjoyed when the lights came back on.
“Sir, we have power. Everything is coming back on.” said the co-pilot.
“He did it. I don’t know how but he did it.” said Captain Johnson.
“Captain, navigation systems are back on-line.” the navigator said with a smile, “We got everything back.”
“All right, let’s begin landing procedures.” Captain Johnson told his co-pilot and navigator. Then he picks up the microphone and makes an announcement over the loud speaker, “Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing shortly so please fasten your seat belts.” The passengers begin fastening their seatbelts as the flight attendants give them instructions on preparing for a crash landing.
Captain Johnson was preparing to guide the plane toward the airport when he noticed that something was wrong. He turned to his co-pilot and asked, “Why aren’t we slowing down?” “I don’t know.” Robinson, the co-pilot, answered. He looks at the cockpit’s instruments and notices that the engines were still not working, “Engines are still off-line.”
“Come on Guardian, we need those engines,” Captain Johnson said softly.
Back out on the airplane’s roof, Guardian is still generating his power through the airplane; then he begins channeling more of his power through the plane and diverts it to the engines. Electrical charges course through the engines’ turbines providing them with energy. After a few moments, the turbines begin to turn, slowly at first and then increasing in speed until all four turbines were rotating at the proper speed needed the fly the plane. Inside the cockpit, Captain Johnson and Captain Robinson watched with relief as all four engines came back on-line one by one. “Captain we have all engines back on-line.” said Robinson.
“All right Robinson, level us out and prepare to land.” said Captain Johnson relieved.
“Yes sir.” Robinson responded with a satisfying smile. Captain Johnson and Captain Robinson smile at each other in relieve for a brief moment and begin guiding the plane safely toward the airport.
At the airport control tower, Captain Wilcox and Nicole were looking up toward the sky to see if they can spot the troubled airplane or Guardian. As they were searching, a call came over the radio. It was Captain Mark Johnson’s voice, “Flight 704 to London control tower, come in. Captain Wilcox, do you read me? Over.” Captain Wilcox quickly picks up the microphone and answers him, “Flight 704, this is Captain Wilcox. I read you. What do have to report? Over.”
“Captain Wilcox I would like to inform you that power has been restored and we are making our descent as we speak. And it’s all thanks to the Guardian.” said Captain Johnson with satisfaction.
Everyone in the control tower cheer happily at the news of Guardian’s heroism in saving Flight 704 and that everyone aboard that plane will be safe. “Captain Johnson, this is Captain Wilcox, we will be awaiting your arrival. Over,” said Captain Wilcox. He turns off the microphone and says to himself, “Good show, Ol’ boy, good show.” Flight 704 begins its descent toward London Airport as emergency crews gather at the runway as a precaution. Captain Robinson deploys the landing gear as the plane continues to descend; Flight 704 becomes closer and closer to the runway with Guardian pouring his energy into its electrical systems. The emergency crews and everyone in the control tower watch with concern and anticipation as the airplane approaches the runway. After a few moments, the airplane touches down on the runway with a slight bump and a screech of the brakes as it makes a safe landing. Inside the control tower, Captain Johnson’s voice comes over the radio, “London Airport, this is Flight 704, we have touched down safely.” Again the control tower was filled with cheers and applause as the endangered airplane has landed safely through Guardian’s efforts.
“Flight 704, this is Captain Wilcox, that’s affirmative.” Captain Wilcox said happily. Outside on the runway, an equally excited celebration ensued as the emergency crews cheered, whistled and applauded as Flight 704 rolled slowly down the runway and stopped near the gates. The passengers inside the plane were especially happy and relieved that the danger was over and that they are all safe. A mobile staircase was brought up to the door of the plane and one of the stewardesses opened the door. The passengers unfastened their seatbelt and made their way off the plane.

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