Defenders Episode 3: Revelations Pt.2 Chapter 7



Daylight once again shines on Philadelphia, and the city is brought to life as its residents walk along the Center City streets. They are either going to work, or shopping in the various stores on Market Street, or taking a tour of the city’s sites. Brandon is walking along Market St. as he makes his way to meet Sarah at work. “Man, I hope Sarah remembers our date,” he thinks to himself as he crosses 13th Street.

Just a few feet behind Brandon there is a casually dressed lady walking amongst the crown who was minding her own business when the man behind her snatches her purse and starts to run away with it. “Hey, my purse!” the lady said surprised, “Somebody stop him! He stole my purse!” The purse snatcher runs through the crowd with the lady chasing him.

Brandon was approaching 11th street when he heard the lady’s cries for help. “Stop him! He stole my purse!” he heard her yell. Two construction workers attempt to grab the man but he manages to slip by them and continue his escape. Brandon turns around and looks through the crowd and sees the man running in his direction. Then he walks over to the street vendor that is on the corner. He asks the vendor’s operator, “How much is a bottle of soda?”

“It’s $1.25, sir,” said the vendor operator.

Brandon takes a bottle of soda and pays the vendor. He steps back to the middle of the sidewalk and waits for the purse snatcher. When he is close enough, Brandon rolls the bottle in the purse snatcher’s path. While looking back to see that he is still being pursued by the lady and the construction workers, the purse snatcher doesn’t see the bottle of soda on the ground. He slips on the soda bottle and falls backward landing on his back hard. Brandon picks up the soda bottle after it rolled back to him and walks over to the would-be thief.

The construction workers run up to the thief who was lying flat on his back with the lady following a few feet behind. “Oh thank you so much,” She said appreciatively.

“Don’t thank us. This guy’s the one who knocked him down,” the construction worker with a beard said as he pointed at Brandon who was holding the lady’s purse.

“I think you dropped this,” Brandon said with a smile as he hands her the purse. She takes her purse and thanks Brandon graciously. He smiles at her and walks back over to the vendor. “Um, I think I’m going to need a new one. This one kinda got shook up,” he said as he handed the vendor operator the bottle he brought just a couple minutes ago.

“No problem,” the vendor operator said in a soft voice, still in amazement after seeing what just happened. He hands Brandon another soda and Brandon continues his way toward Pete’s Place to meet Sarah.

Inside Pete’s Place, Sarah and Karen were wiping off the counter when Brandon walks in. “John!” Sarah said cheerfully as she put down the rag. She trots up to Brandon and hugs him. “What’re you doing here? I don’t get off until six,” she said.

“Well I figured I’d start our date early. If it’s okay,” Brandon said smiling.

“Well we are pretty slow, so let me go and see if Pete will let me leave early,” Sarah said, “Oh, John this is Karen. Karen. John. I’ll be right back.” Sarah leaves from behind the counter and heads to Pete’s office in the back of the building, leaving Karen and Brandon alone to talk.

“So Sarah finally asked you out, huh?” smiled the girl with the red curls. Karen was lively animated girl. She is known for her sunny disposition and cheery demeanor. She was also known for being direct when speaking and wasn’t afraid of speaking her mind. Sometimes she did it without even thinking. The red headed pale faced girl was not about to treat Brandon any different. Sarah is her best friend and she felt like she had to look out for her best interest.

“Well actually I asked her out and she accepted,” Brandon said with a friendly smile.

“Really, so what do you two have planned?”

“Um, nothing much really. Probably tour the city a little. Maybe go to lunch and probably see a movie, and from there we’ll see how the rest of the day goes.”

“Sounds like a typical answer,” Karen said, crossing her arms.

“Well it’s the best I can come up with,” Brandon said with a chuckle, which made Karen chuckle a little as well.

As Brandon and Karen conversed a little more, Sarah walks out of Pete’s office and heads toward the counter with a big smile on her face. She arrives at the counter.

“So what did he say?” Brandon asked.

“Well I have a better question. Where would you like to go first?” Sarah said cheerily.

“So I take it he said you can leave,” said Brandon.

“Yup,” Sarah answered grinning. She looks over at Karen. “Karen you don’t mind covering for me, do you?”

“Not at all. Besides, from the way it’s been all morning I may be leaving right behind you,” Karen said, looking around the restaurant. Only a couple tables or so were occupied.

“Ok, see you tomorrow Karen.”

“See ya Sarah. Nice meeting you John,” said Karen.

“Nice meeting you too Karen,” said Brandon.

As they walk towards the door Brandon holds out his arm and Sarah puts her arm around his and they walk out the door. While walking down Market Street, Brandon asks, “So where do you want to go first?”

“Well I’ve never really been to Independence Hall,” said Sarah.

“Really?” said Brandon.

“Not ever since I was a kid,” Sarah responded.

“Okay. We’ll stop at Independence Hall first and probably go to that new arcade on Chestnut afterward.”

“Sounds like fun.”

They continue to walk down Market heading towards Independence Hall. They reach the former city hall a few minutes later. After paying the lady at the entrance, they tour the 230 year old building looking at all the pictures of Philadelphia’s best known historic figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and George Washington. They stop at the council hall where the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place. “Wow I can’t believe our nation’s freedom was decided in this room,” Sarah said with fascination.

“Pretty cool, huh?” said Brandon.

“Yeah,” said Sarah as she looked around the room.

After a few more minutes of looking around the council hall, Sarah and Brandon continue to tour the rest of Independence Hall and its adjacent buildings. About an hour later, Brandon and Sarah exit Independence Hall and turn left on Chestnut Street, heading towards the arcade located on 7th Street. They reach the arcade after just a couple of blocks and walk inside. The arcade was pretty noisy with the people playing the establishment’s various games. There were racing simulators, shooting games, fighting games, carnival type games and a couple of pool tables in the rear of the building. The arcade had family amusement feel to it as many of the people inside were young children and teenagers, as well as plenty of adults. “Wow this is really cool place,” said Sarah.

“Yeah, I like coming here a lot,” said Brandon, “Hey how about we play some pool.”

“I never really played pool before,” said Sarah.

“That’s ok. I’ll teach ya.”

“I don’t know. I’m pretty bad.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. Learning pool is easy once you get the hang of it,” Brandon said smiling, “C’mon whaddya say?”

“Well…ok, how hard could it be?” Sarah said.

“Let’s find out,” Brandon said, winking at her.

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