Defenders Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 20

Chapter 20
Elsewhere Brandon has caught up with the blue Nova and follows it as they drive through side streets until they approach Cottman Avenue. They make a right turn with Brandon in hot pursuit. Brandon reels his right arm back and begins channeling lightning into his hand. He holds his arm back for a moment as he took aim. He was ready to fire at the car when a van with a family inside was driving next to the sports car. Brandon knew he could not allow his anger to interfere with his judgment and he couldn’t endanger anyone else no matter how much he wanted revenge. “Fine, I’ll wait,” he said as he stopped channeling his power and lowered his arm back at his side, “and then you will be mine.” He continues to follow the car down Cottman Ave. until they reach Roosevelt Boulevard and turn left.

As Brandon kept following the men in the sports car, he began to notice that the amount of cars on the road was diminishing the farther they went up Roosevelt Blvd. Some distance up the highway, there were virtually no other cars on the road and Brandon sees his chance. He reels his arm back again and charges his hand with electrical power.
Meanwhile inside the car, the man in the back seat looks out the rear window and sees a shadow following them. Curiously he looks up and sees Brandon flying after them. “Yo, T, you’re not gonna believe this, man,” he said.

“What?” T, the man in the front passenger seat asked.

“You know that dude you shot at earlier.”


“The one that did that ‘Matrix’ thing and dodged those bullets.”

“Yeah, what about him, Max?”

“He’s flyin’,” Max, the man wearing the football jersey said

“He’s flyin’? Man, what the hell do you mean ‘he’s flyin’?” T said frustrated.

“Man, look, I ain’t kiddin’, all right. Yo, dude is flyin’, T. Take a look, dog, all right. Just take a look,” said Max.

T scoffs and puts his head outside the window, first looking back and then looking up. “What the…” he said surprised to see that Max was right. There was Brandon flying overhead, ready to strike.
“Now you’re mine!” Brandon shouted as he thrusts his arm forward and fires a bolt of lightning at the car.

“Oh sh…!” T said as he quickly ducked back inside the car. The lightning bolt strikes the ground next to them as they were driving.

“What the heck is going on out there?” the driver, Damon, asked.

“Remember that punk I shot at before? He’s right outside.” T said as he got out his gun.

“What?!” Damon said, “Man, whatcha talkin’ about?”

“Don’t believe me? Look in the mirror,” T said as he started loading bullets in his gun.

Damon looks in the side view mirror and sees Brandon flying above them readying another lightning attack. “Son of a…” he says astonishingly. Brandon fires another bolt of lightning at the car and Damon quickly swerves to avoid it. He continues to fire bolt after bolt as Damon serves the car left to right avoiding the blasts. Inside the car, T and Max finish loading their guns and cock the trigger. “Now let’s see that punk dodge this,” T said as he and Max lean outside the windows and begin shooting their guns rapidly. Brandon stops attacking and starts dodging the barrage of bullets coming at him at high velocity. Max and T shoot at Brandon, hoping that at least one bullet will hit him. But Brandon’s speed proves superior as he easily dodges each and every bullet until the men’s guns are empty.

When their guns run out of bullets, Max and T duck back inside the car to reload. Seeing his opportunity, Brandon flies down to ground level and continues following the car from directly behind it. The men quickly reload their weapons and begin showering Brandon with more rounds of gunfire. Brandon starts evading the bullets again; however, since he is much closer to the car it took a little more effort to avoid them. The bullets were missing him by mere millimeters. Max continues to shoot at Brandon while T takes careful aim. “Your flight’s just been cancelled,” he says and then he fires a shot at Brandon, hitting him in the shoulder. Brandon falls to the ground and tumbles into it hard, causing some of the asphalt to come apart as his body tumbles over and over for several feet before stopping. T and Max look out the windows and back at their pursuer, who wasn’t moving. “Now let’s see him get up from that,” T said with a laugh. They get back inside the car and continue to drive down Roosevelt Blvd. They drive onto Woodhaven Expressway and get off at the first exit, then turning left onto Knights Road.

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