Death by Roses: Ruby Rose vs Maka Albarn Epilogue – Mirror, Mirror

Northern Alaska…

Summoning another glyph, she protects herself from the fiery blast hurled at her. With another glyph, she uses it and several others the avoid the bombardment of tadpole shaped bombs launched by the other strange girl. Once the assault cease, she stands poised with rapier in hand as she casts an icy glare at her opponents.

“Man, she’s tougher than she looks,” says Jackie.

“You’d think with that frilly outfit she’d be easy to take down,” Kim commented, staring at the witch. The White Witch is dressed in a pale blue sleeveless dress with deep red lining, bow detail fixture, and two diamond-shaped pieces hanging from the corners of the hem, over a white diagonal hemmed strapless dress. Above which she wears a vivid blue shrug with a raised collar, puffy sleeves and the Schnee emblem on the left sleeve, fastened by a blue, silver outlined strap. On her arms are a pair of long black gloves with silver top trim surrounding a red gem at the top. Over her dress, she wears a light blue, corset styled belt.

“And to make it worse, she can use magic similar to Medusa’s Vector Plates, ribbit,” Eruka says. Then she snaps at Kim, “And what wrong with frilly outfits, ribbit?!”

Kim Diehl is a tanuki witch who left the Witch Society and joined DWMA as a student. Her weapon partner is Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre who transforms into a flaming lantern. They have been paired with Eruka Frog, who was used and abused by Medusa, and proved to be an asset in defeating her when she betrayed the snake witch after growing tired of Medusa’s violent tendencies toward her. Under the new pact, Eruka no longer has to worry about anything like that happening again. She, like several other of her witch sisters, can live a life of peace. However, that peace can be disrupted by rogue witches who wish to continue Medusa’s Black Blood research.

“All the more reason for us to take her in,” says Kim.

The white-haired witch gazes at the two strange girls. The pink haired girl is wearing a sports jacket with a mini-skirt, sneakers, and striped stockings while the other girl is strangely dressed in attire that consists of a thigh length black dress with a white polka dot pattern over what appears to be a dark gray blouse, black pants and knee-high white boots. However, the most obtrusive characteristic of her appearance is her distinctive orange hat with a frog-like face. She also has long, straight, silvery hair and a narrow mouth, accentuated by a prominent black circle at each end, resembling the air sacs on a frog’s mouth. Despite their odd appearance, she cannot take them lightly. The white-haired witch stands with her weapon at the ready. It is a cool silver blade with sharp accents near its hilt and a revolver-like chamber at the ricasso. The weapon’s owner, Weiss Schnee, spins the multi-colored chamber. It settles on blue. Striking a couple sharp fencer-like stances, Weiss thrusts the blade into the ground. A large glyph forms under her and expands. From the frost mist billowing from the glyph’s center, a large ice knight rises, kneeling in reverence. The knight soon stands slowly to its feet and methodically draws its massive blade.

“What now, ribbit?” Eruka asks.

Kim stares at the giant ice knight in awe and disbelief.

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