Death by Roses: Ruby Rose vs Maka Albarn Epilogue – I Burn

Death City, Nevada…

Yang Xiao Long, dubbed by the DWMA as the Yellow Witch, leaps back to avoid another attack from one of the academy’s students. When arrived, she had assumed her sister Ruby and the rest of her team were at the strange school adorned with large skulls and candles. However, almost immediately upon her arrive, she was met by a young boy dressed in a suit with three white stripes on the left side of his hair. He was accompanied by two girls dressed in cowgirl outfits. The boy asked her if she was a witch. Yang had asked him if he had seen a little girl with a red hood. The boy looked back at her suspiciously and requested that she come with him. Now on guard, Yang attempted to leave strange school only to be stopped by the boy who insisted she surrender. Yang has been in situations before where she had been the target of someone she has had a bad run in with. But this situation became stranger when the cowgirls transformed into twin pistols which the boy wielded with a reverse grip. Feeling the hostility, she quickly leaves the school, using her shotgun gauntlets to propel herself in the air. However, the well-dressed boy pursues her on a flying skateboard and stops her in an open area in the middle of Death City. Yang engaged the boy in close quarters combat. Oddly, the boy stopped in the middle on the battle to question her prosthetic arm. He then asked her why she did not have the other arm replaced with a prosthetic as well. As strange as the question was, Yang answered him, telling him that she only lost one arm. The three striped haired kid raised his eyebrow and takes out a phone, asking Yang to wait. Several minutes later, a student from the strange skull-adorned school arrives. The striped haired boy hops on his skateboard and tells the newly arrived student to deal with the “Yellow Witch.” Just as he flies away, he also suggests that they move the battle outside the city to prevent further collateral damage.

Yang hurls several shots from her weapon, Ember Celica, and her prosthetic arm via a series of punches. The young dark-skinned boy wearing large metal gloves weaves his way around the shots as he rushes toward her. Yang blocks one punch, dodges another and counters her opponent blow for blow before they blast each other back after delivering equally powerful strikes.

Kilik Rung looks at the Yellow Witch dressed in khaki overalls, baggy, dark brown crop aviator styled jacket with fur trim around the neck and black-and-orange straps along the sleeves with long blonde hair reaching past her waist. “Hey, you’re not bad. It’s been a while since I fought someone who can match me. Well, except for Black Star, but I whooped his butt too,” he says.

“Gotta hand it to ya, kid. You’re not bad yourself,” Yang said back. “But I think you better run on home before your mommy comes looking for you.”

“And end this wonderful date we’re having,” Kilik says.

“I’m outta your league, kid,” said Yang.

“Thought I’d give it a shot. Oh, and speaking of shots.” Kilik draws back fist and hurls it forward. “Pot of Fire! Flame Burst!” he calls out, launching a fireball at the Yellow Witch. Using Ember Celica, Yang dodges around the fireball and rushes at the black boy with the large gauntlets. She leaps high in the air and drives down a punch with fiery red eyes and flaming golden locks.

Somewhere in Europe, Ruby Rose finds herself high atop a basin looking down into a town below. She had not seen any sign of the schoolgirl with the human scythe. Checking behind her once more, she does not see anyone pursuing her. She breathes a sigh of relief. Ruby can now focus on finding the rest of Team RWBY and a way back home. “I’ll find you. And then we can go home. I won’t stop until I do,” she proclaimed aloud. She then begins her descent toward the town. Hopefully, Weiss, Blake or Yang are down there.

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