Death by Roses: Ruby Rose vs Maka Albarn Epilogue – From Shadows

Southeast China…

“Pumpkin…Pum-pumpkin. Smashing Pumpkin!” Blair called out as she attempts to slam a giant magical pumpkin upon her opponent. She only destroyed the afterimage left by the Black Witch.

The Mizune sisters swoop in to attack the cat eared Witch with their magical whiskers fully extended. The family of witches wear large black cloaks embellished with numerous white stripes around its exterior and white lining that extends form around their nose downward, even covering their feet. What little of their face is exposed depicts them with narrow closed eyes, buck teeth and short pink hair. Each hat reinforces their mouse theme, featuring two curved extensions from the brim forming ears and rounded eyes while the peak act as the mouse’s nose. One sister came from the right. The Black Witch leaves another afterimage as bait. Two more sisters fly in with a pincer attack. They are nimbly avoided. The fourth sister also misses when the Black Witch hurls her hook-like gun to the ground and yanks on the ribbon, pulling herself to the ground. Blair joins the sisters and launches several Pumpkin Bombs. Using her speed and agility on top of her Shadow Illusions, the Black Witch narrowly avoids each bomb. Blair floats above on a giant magical pumpkin, staring down at the cat-eared Witch with curiosity.

“Hmm, I wonder if she is a powerful cat like me,” she says with a delightful grin.

The Mizune sister closest to Blair replies with a series of mouse-like squeaks.

“You know I have no idea what you’re saying, right?” Blair said with a cynical smile.

The Mizune sighs and shakes her head pitifully, squeaking her response. With her sisters, the Mizunes stack on top of each other. In a flash of light, they take the form of a tall woman wearing several black cloaks, arm features, and skirt embellished with numerous vertical white stripes around its exterior and white lining. The cloak location on their shoulder only extends somewhat beyond their chest, the skirt extends to their ankles, and the features on their arms covering the entirely of their arm from the elbow down. She looks down at Blair with a cold gaze. “What I said was I highly doubt that since she appears to have better fashion sense,” she regarded with contempt.

Blair snickers at her pink haired ally. “You’re one to talk,” she says slyly.

Adult Mizune scoffs. “As much as I would like to smack you around, perhaps we should take care of this mangy feline first,” she said.

“Agreed. We cats can be very territorial,” says Blair.

The cat-eared girl, Blake Belladonna, stares back at the two women with a curious eye. Blake is not unfamiliar with humans who have animal features. On her world, she is part of humanoid/animal species known as Faunus. Each Faunus has abilities unique to their animal traits. For Blake, her trait is her cat ears and tendencies. While looking at the strangely dressed woman who appeared after the five smaller girls combined to form her, her attention is focused on the cat girl riding the giant pumpkin. She is dressed in a black-blue dress that shows off her shoulders and wraps around her neck, long, open sleeves that reveal her hands and shoulders, a short skirt with a white frill and long high-heeled boots that curl upwards at the toes. She wonders if they are also Faunus.

“So my dear cat-sister,” Blair addresses Blake coyly. She then slowly raises her hand and creates a Pumpkin Bomb. “Are you ready to play some more?”

Sensing the battle is about to get serious, Blake unsheathes her weapon, a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe named Gambol Shroud. She drops into a combat stance, brandishing both sword and sheath.

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