Death by Roses: Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose – Chapter 2

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“Hey, how about a little warning next time you decide to toss me like that,” Soul shot at Maka.

“Oh, give me a break. It worked, didn’t it?” Maka says.

“Yeah, but now I’m starting to feel that sandwich I had earlier,” said Soul.

“Quit your whining, you big baby,” Maka shot at him. “Now if you’re done, let’s go check on that girl.”

“Whatever,” Soul replied.

With that, they make their way over to the red hooded girl, who is busy battling the dark werewolf creatures. The hooded girl throws herself back to avoid being cleaved in two by the dark wolf’s rush attack. The wolf turns to come at her again. The girl deflects the ebony arm with her scythe and kicks it in its skull-like face. She silences the wolf’s snarling with a bullet to its head before lifting it up and tossing it. The werewolf’s body slams on the ground and crumbles like dirt. The remaining midnight wolves howl into the midday sky. They then go after the red hooded girl to avenge their fallen kin. She dodges the first swipe, then ducks under a high strike and dives from the path of an overhead strike. The attacking dark werewolf smashes the ground instead. Two other wolves attempt to blindside their red cloaked adversary. Nimbly, she avoids their claws with a back flip. She uses another one to evade another fast swipe. The girl lands on top of one of the large wolf creatures and then shoots herself into the air with a sharp kick that also bowls her living perch over. She unleashes a several rounds of gunfire upon the horde of canine creatures. They use their unearthly speed and agility to avoid the deadly shower of bullets.  Landing on the branch of a nearby tree, the rede hooded girl continues to rain death down on her quarry. However, her efforts are proving futile.

One black wolf breaks from the pack and makes a mad dash for the tree. With a couple well-placed sharp kicks, it ascends to the top. The red hooded girl, without turning around, leaps straight up just as the black wolf lunges forward with its claws. She kicks her attacker sharply in the back of the head, sending hurling to the ground below while she lands safely back on the branch. Unfortunately, her safety is not assured as the tree begins to give way. On the way up, the dark wolf had sliced through the wood structure. The red hooded girl jumps from the tree to the ground below. When she lands, she scans the dark wolves surrounding her. They have proven to be more intelligent than she had assumed, for they had corralled her in the middle of the group.

The red hooded girl’s nerves are not rattled. She flashes her opponents a smile. “I have to hand it to you. You Beowulf have definitely made an improvement. Now,” she says. Then she drops into a battle stance and hefts her weapon. “Let’s see just see how much.”

One of the wolf creatures, known as Beowulf, rushed at the red hooded girl with its claws drawn back. The woman begins dancing around as the Beowulf swipes and slashes at her ferociously. After sidestepping a thrust attack, she delivers a powerful kick to its chin, popping it up off the ground. Then she follows up with a deadly roundhouse that sends the Beowulf sliding across the ground. Bringing her scythe to bear, the red hooded girl unleashes a several rounds of powerful gunfire. The Beowulf quickly move to avoid the shots and flank the girl.

“Wow, you guys really got it together,” said the red hooded girl with a cheeky grin. She flips her scythe behind her and fires a blast that propels her forward while eliminating the Beowulf behind her. Whirling around, she mows down two more Beowulf, slides to a halt and quickly throws herself back into the Beowulf pack. Twisting, twirling, slashing, the red hooded girl cuts the Beowulf down with minimum effort. One of the Beowulf attempts to cleave the girl’s back. She quickly disperses into a cloud of rose petals. The dark creature is cleaved in two when the red hooded girl appears behind it. Only three Beowulf remain, one Alpha among them. The Alpha howls, commanding the two others to attack jointly before entering the fray. The small Beowulf flank the girl while the Alpha rushes headlong. The red hooded girl does not move, standing with her large scythe resting on her shoulder. The Beowulf lunge together at her with maws and claws spread wide. The girl remains still. Suddenly, just when the Beowulf are in range, she swings her scythe down, hops on the blade and fires a blast at the ground that shoots her skyward, leaving the Beowulf to collide into each other. At the peak of her height, the red hooded girl fires another blast that sends her back down. She whirls around and lands firmly on the ground, crouching with her scythe draped across her shoulder and her cloak drifting down behind her. There is a pause before the Beowulf fade into dark mist. The Alpha rushes her, claws spread wide threatening to cleave the girl in two. Flipping her weapon back, the hooded girl propels forward with dazzling speed just as the Alpha Beowulf lunges for her. The Alpha looks at the stump where its arm used to be. A moment later, the limb tumbles across the ground behind it.

“Looks like you’ve been disarmed,” the red hooded girl quipped.

The Alpha Beowulf growls angrily. With a roar, the dark creature whirls around with its remaining arm. The red hooded girl spins around with her scythe. Suddenly, both enemies stop short. The Alpha Beowulf stands motionless momentarily before the top half of its body falls back. The legs collapse to the knees and fade the dust before either touches the ground. The red hooded girl looks up to see a blonde-haired girl with pigtails dressed in school clothes and wielding a large scythe.

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