Death by Roses: Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose – Chapter 1

“So why are we out here again?” Soul asked.

“Lord Death discovered a large cluster of kishin souls. And since Kid and Black Star are busy, we were asked to investigate,” Maka answered.

“I don’t see what the big deal is. Lord Death could’ve found somebody else. I did have plans,” Soul said disappointedly.

“Well, we were only the only ones still at school,” Maka pointed out.

“Yeah, and whose fault is that?” Soul shot at her.

“Hey, I wanted to get in some extra studying. No one forced you to stay.”

“What the hell are you talking about?! You practically made me stay with because you didn’t want to be alone!”

“Well, you don’t listen to me any other time so why is now different?!”

“Because I didn’t want to hear you complain about me not staying later!” Soul snapped.

“Like I said, you could have left!” Maka snaps back.

Soul sighs. He knows this is another battle with Maka that he will not win. “Whatever.” He guides his motorcycle through the forest trail, sending the local wildlife scurrying in various directions. The tires roll over the rough terrain pounded down by horse and carriage. Lord Death, the Grim Reaper himself, tasked Maka and Soul with investigating the sudden appearance of numerous dark souls in Northern Europe. He is concerned that these souls could turn into kishin souls. The last thing he wants is another incident like the one with Asura, one of the Old Great Ones who became a Kishin, an evil god. Maka and Soul soon arrive close to area where Lord Death sensed the kishin souls. Soul parks the bike and he and Maka walk the rest of the way. Maka feels the presence of someone else in the area. In a few more yards, they reach a clearing. That is when they see them.

Several wolf-like creatures are gathered, with bone white faces and fur as dark as night. Red markings highlighted against the blanch color of their faces. The group stood in a circle as if they were surrounding something. Soon, severed claws and feet rain down upon the monstrous spectators. A cloud of rose petals bursts from the center of the crowd and collect behind a few of the dark werewolf creatures. The roses quickly disperse, revealing a young girl wearing a red and black outfit complete with a red hood. What is striking about the girl isn’t just her outfit, but the large scythe she is wielding. She spun and swirled the weapon with ease as slices through several of the black werewolves. Someone of her small stature should not be able swing a weapon so large. Either the scythe is incredibly light, or the red hooded girl is inhumanly strong.

Maka and Soul watched the fight from the edge of the forest, trying to determine who the girl is.

“So what do you think?” Soul asked. “Think she could be a meister?”

“Maybe. But look at her outfit,” Maka replies.

The hooded girl is wearing a black and red Lolita style outfit with a red hood. That style of clothing is typical among some witches. Eruka Frog wore a similar outfit in black and green.

“She definitely is dressed like a witch. But we have a treaty with the witches now, don’t we?” says Soul.

“Close. But according to Kid, there are several witches who wouldn’t agree to the treaty and have gone rogue. Supposedly, some of them have been trying to replicate Witch Medusa’s Black Blood experiments with adverse results,” Maka tells him.

“In other words, the subjects turned on them,” Soul surmised.

“Pretty much,” replies Maka.

Unknown to Maka and Soul, two of the werewolf creatures had stealthily made their way through the forest behind them. The front most werewolf raises its sharp claws high.

Soul catches the scent of bloodlust. He quickly shoves Maka down by her head. “Watch it!” he hollered out. He quickly transforms his free arm into a scythe blade and impales the attacking creature. The black werewolf’s body crumbles to dust a moment later. “You alright?” Soul asks Maka.

“Yeah, thanks,” Maka replies. Hearing growling sounds, she quickly scans the area around them. More wolf creatures emerge from the forest, snarling and snapping their jaws. Maka alerts her partner to the approaching monsters.

“Crap! Guess this spot’s no longer safe,” says Soul.

Maka runs out into the open, diving into a roll to avoid being cleaved by one of the black wolves. Soul dispatched two more creatures before sprinting over to Maka, who holds her hand up. On that signal, Soul leaps into the air mid-stride and transforms into his scythe form. Maka catches Soul, spins him around her body with flare and drops into a battle stance.

“The girl’s gonna have to wait. First, let’s give these mutts an obedience lesson,” Soul says.

“Right! We’ll deal with her afterwards,” Maka responded firmly.

Four large werewolf creatures, the two smaller ones and the remaining dozen dark wolves have Maka surrounded, leaving her with no chance of escape. However, that doesn’t matter. The young Scythe Meister isn’t planning on running away. She intends to eliminate each one. The wolves plan to do the same, along with the red hooded girl.

One of the large wolves swipes its massive claws. Maka effortlessly removes its claws from its wrist as she twists through the air and lands on its arm. She sprints up to the giant wolf’s shoulder and hops off, turns back to the dark creature and swings Soul around twice, severing its arm and cleaving its back. Defeated, the Dark Wolf crumbles to dust. Another Dark Wolf swings its mighty claw. Maka jumps over the fast-moving appendage and dives to escape being crushed underfoot by the other Dark Wolf. The two smaller wolves lunge with their claws to catch the dark cloak girl off guard. Maka slashes Soul’s Scythe form rapidly in front of her, slicing their claws. The pieces clatter to the ground. Two Dark Wolves attack together. They raise their massive claws and bring them down. Maka quickly leaps into the air. The third Dark Wolf quickly rushes in and swipes its monstrous claws skyward. Maka uses her scythe to block the strike. Despite their size, the Alpha Wolves are extremely fast.

Maka is slammed into the ground, but she remains on her feet. The Dark Wolf presses its attack. Maka pushes back. Another Dark Wolf rushes in to assist its kin. The giant black wolf brings its claws down upon Maka. Maka shoves the claws away just in time to block the incoming strike. Yet another Dark Wolf charges in, threatening to impale Maka as it thrust its claws forward. Shoving one set of claws away, Maka quickly leaps up to avoid the second set. She lands on the demon’s arm before it could retract it and jams Soul into its forearm. The Dark Wolf reels back in pain, inadvertently tossing Maka in the air. With her amazing agility, Maka lands on the creature’s shoulders with the Soul’s Blade pressed against its throat. However, something is different about him. Soul has taken on a new shape. His blade has grown in size and now radiates with ethereal light.

“Alright, do it, Maka!” Soul called out.

“Witch Hunt Slash!” Before the large wolf could react, Maka leaps from its shoulders with a twist of her body. Another Dark Wolf has been defeated.

While airborne, one of the two remaining Dark Wolves makes for Maka. It jumps up towards her and whips out a fast strike. Maka swings her partner’s scythe form into the giant dark wolf’s arm as it came at her. She plants one foot on its arm, dislodges her weapon and, with a quick spin forward, implants the scythe into its chest. Its body crumbles to dust before Maka finishes slicing home. As soon as Maka’s feet touch the grass, the last Dark Wolf lets loose a mighty roar and charges at her. Maka stares the rushing black werewolf down as she draws her weapon back. Soul’s blade glows again. The Dark Wolf is nearly upon her. It prepares to attack. Maka quickly sprints toward her incoming attacker and thrusts her weapon forward, impaling the giant dark wolf on the end of it. She pushes the monster back some distance before its body disintegrates. Quickly sliding to a halt and swinging Soul across her shoulders, Maka draws back and whips him forward, launching him through the air. Soul carved through the air like a boomerang, slicing through the circle of wolves as he returned to Maka, who catches him. The wolves dissolve to blackened dust.

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