Deadpool and All Might unite in latest Deadpool manga series!!

Howdy-ho, J1sters!

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Marvel has done crossovers with manga before mostly for promotional purposes. This time around their latest collab release, Deadpool: Samurai, which is currently being serialized on the Shonen Jump+ platform, features everyone’s favorite “Merc with the Mouth” teaming up with none other than My Hero Academia’s #1 Hero, All-Might!

The promotion post on Shonen Jump+ Twitter account shows Wade Wilson “princess carried” by All-Might who delivers his trademark line “I am here!”

Deadpool has been known to jump through media both in and outside of Marvel, however, this is the first time Marvel has crossover with a manga. Plus, it known that Kohei Horikoshi, creator of My Hero Academia, is a huge fan of western superheroes so the collab was bound to happen sooner or later.

Hmm, perhaps with this the age old question can be answered, who is stronger, Goku or Hulk? Maybe Naruto will show up? Hey, it’s a Deadpool manga so anything can happen.