Darksiders III Gameplay first look!!


Just a couple days after THQNordic revealed the third installment of the biblical based post apocalyptic game series, they drop a first look at the gameplay for Darksiders III. I was excited beforfe about the announcement. Now I am even more ecstatic after watching this video. Fury begins in a city lying in ruin after the End of Days was brought about by War’s arrival in the first game. Nature has begun to reclaim its territory with vines and plants choking the remains of a destroyed building. The detailing on the trees, plants and buildings is amazing. Leaves wave gently and pollen falls like snowflakes with the breeze. It’s a bright and vibrant atmosphere. Fury soon leave the lush greenery for much darker waters. As she enters a temple-like setting, one can reference Sony’s God of War series by this aesthetic. Stepping on a platform, Fury enters a new area that appears to be the ruins of an underground parking lot. There are vehicles skewed about as well as pieces of the building. Fury is confronted by several demons who look just downright frightening. Fury has a bladed whip which she uses to dispatch the demons. As with the previous titles, locking on to an enemy allows Fury to strive around while keeping her target in view. She is very agile like her brother Death, able to cancel an attack to evade and then counter. Her bladed whip can also be used to swing across large gaps and traverse to upper levels. Fury soon encounters one of the Sins that has escaped, Sloth. This boss battle looks easy but let’s not forget, this game is still in the early stages so that leaves room for changes to be made. I, for one, am really excited for Darksiders III. If things keep going the way they are from this pre-alpha gameplay, this could be the best in the series.