Dante vs. Bayonetta Chapter 5

Undaunted, the angels renew their efforts and attack Dante. The woman tries to stop them. She begins firing her guns as she chased them down. A couple angels change course to return their attention to the woman. She flips over them, squeezing out a few rounds as she corkscrews through the air. Her feet touch the ground while the angels’ bodies slam into it. The woman has successfully blasted off their wings and halos. The bright flash of light signals their defeat. She turns to help Dante, but stops short amazed by what she sees. Though he can barely make them out, Dante is, nevertheless, fending off his would-be attackers. He can feel their energies and just aims his guns where they feel strongest. The angels’ numbers start to drop from Dante’s stylistic fighting. He sways from the path of their swing staffs and casually blasts away their halos. The woman in black watched the man acrobatically evade nigh-invisible attackers and eliminate them with stylish flare all the while wearing a brimming smile that exuberated confidence. She was rather impressed his abilities—and with him.

Dante ducks under what he sensed is a midlevel strike and rolls forward when he feels something coming at him from above. Popping back up, he holds his arms out to his sides and blasts away the two angels trying to flank him. He throws one arm behind to take an angel going for a sneak attack, and then quickly clears out the two angels in front of him. Sensing that all seemed to be clear, Dante gives his pistols a final twirl before returning them to their holsters. As soon as he gets one gun in, he reaches over his left shoulder and catches something. One last angel has its attack stopped casually by him. Dante finds the angel’s legs with a kick and shoulder tosses it forward, slamming it on the ground in front him while keeping a grip on its weapon. He presses one foot on the angel’s chest and aims his remaining gun at the glowing halo above its head. “Just be glad I went easy on you this time,” Dante says wearing a cool grin. “The next time you guys decide to get in my way, I’m gonna be thoroughly pissed.” He casually blasts the halo and kicks the angel away. It disappears in a bright flash a moment afterward as it slid across the ground. “Now let’s see who our heroine is,” he says. Dante tries to feel for the woman’s energy. A couple moments pass. No energy. Deciding against searching for her, he places his hands in the pockets of his coat and strolls out of the alley with the familiar feeling of another job done.

Unknowing to Dante, the woman of his search has retreated to a nearby roof top. Now completely visible, she watches him as he leaves the alley, taking in his identity. The woman in black smiles with anticipation, hoping they will meet again someday. As for Dante, whether he meets the woman again doesn’t matter to him. He has no strong feeling either way. If or when that day comes, he will greet it just like any other day—with a brimming smile and a cool strawberry sundae waiting for him when it’s over.

To be continued…

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