Cutie Honey is back in NEW 2018 anime movie!!

The lovely android from Go Nagai’s manga series is back in an all-new adventure! Cutie Honey Universe will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Nagai’s works, along with the DEVILMAN crybaby Netflix series and Mazinger Z: Infinity film. The original 1973 manga tells the story of Cutie Honey, an android created by Professor Kisaragi who is later murdered by an organization seeking the device hidden within Cutie Honey. Nagai’s manga has inspired several adaptions, a anime series and home video releases. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the original manga and the Cutie Honey aGoGo! manga, written by Shinpei Ito.

Akitoshi Yokoyama is directing the anime at Production Reed. Natsuko Takahashi will be handling the series composition and Syūichi Iseki is serving as chief animation director, as well as character designer.

Check out the 40-second trailer for Cutie Honey Universe, released by the official website.