Crisis of Infinite Earths Review Pt. 1 *SPOILER WARNING*

Read only if you have been watching the major Arrowverse crossover event on the CW!!

Hey there J1 Fans! So, who has been watching Crisis of Infinite Earths? I gotta tell you, this crossover event is the best that the CW has pulled out of their hat. This massive event hit every fans’ button with its incredible guest appearances and references to past DC Comics based shows. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Crisis of Infinite Earths is the CW crossover event based on the 12-part 1985 graphic novel created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez featuring episodes that aired across Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow. The story has been building up since the first episode of The Flash in 2015 when a new article from the future depicted the Flash disappearing in a “crisis”. At the time, the news article was dated 2024 until the events of Elseworlds moved the date to December 2019. CW has been building this event for the past five years with its annual crossovers and this fifth crossover certainly does not disappoint.

Bat-fans dreams come true! Long time Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy finally appears as Bruce Wayne in Crisis of Infinite Earths, interacting with Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane

When the announcement of key guest stars was revealed, there was no containing the excitement. Burt Ward, Robin from the 1960’s Batman series, was the first reveal in the crossover. His reveal was short and sweet, and it certainly was a joy to hear him utter his signature catchphrase, “Holy red skies of death!” just as the anti-matter wave destroys his Earth. Those who kids in the 80s and 90s were extremely excited when the CW decided to allude the Tim Burton Batman film in Crisis. Expectations automatically pointed to Michael Keaton having a walk on role. While we did not get Keaton, the films were still referenced with the appearance of Robert Wuhl, who portrayed news reporter Alexander Knox in 1989’s Batman film. Perhaps the biggest guest star in Crisis is fans finally got to see Kevin Conroy portray Bruce Wayne. Fans (including myself) were gleeful to finally have our dream come true with THE BEST Batman actor portray him in live action. There is no disappointment seeing Kevin as an elderly Bruce who has been crippled in his fight with Superman. This version of Wayne alludes to the Return of the Dark Knight comic series which sees an older Batman finally put an end to his rivalry with the Man of Steel. Bruce Wayne has become murderous, killing off all of his major enemies and he seeks to do the same to Supergirl, fueled by a strong dislike of alien powers.

Brandon Routh dons the cape once again, portraying a combination of Christopher Reeve ear Superman and “Kingdom Come” Superman. Mind controlled by Lex Luthor (John Cryer), he battles Earth-38 Superman (Tyler Hoechlin)

Speaking of Superman, how cool was it to see Brandon Routh back in the suit? He may be portraying the “Kingdom Come” version of Superman but still, it was certainly a treat to see him in the role and give us that Christopher Reeve vibe. He was even shown flying off into space the same as Reeve did in the original Superman films at the end of the Crisis’ fifth episode, which showed the newly restored DC multiverse.

Paying homage to Christopher Reeve, Superman of Earth-96 flies off one last time.

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