Could the Predator be in Mortal Kombat X?!


What’s up people? Devildriver1313 here to tell you about something that is sparking talk about the next Mortal Kombat title. Now we’re all excited about the upcoming Mortal Kombat X for PS4 and Xbox One and what characters are set for the game. Now it has been circulating around a while about the Predator being included in the new MK title! Since then, the image above has generated all kinds of buzz from fans who want to see Preds cutting down the competition. Other gaming sights such as IGN have been circulating this image around and holding polls so fans can vote to have their favorite skull ripping alien in the game. But this is unlikely due to the fact that Predator and all related characters are owned by 20th Century FOX while Mortal Kombat and Netherrealm studios are owned by Warner Bros. Yeah, apparently you can’t use another company’s character in your game. Some of you might ask ‘What about Freddy Krueger?’ There’s a reason for that. The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise belongs New Line Cinema which is owned by Warner Bros hence Freddy’s appearance in the 2011 reboot. There is no doubt that the Predator would be a perfect fit for the Mortal Kombat world. He could use a variety of weapons to take down his opponents and finish them off by ripping out their spine (Sorry Subby, Preds was tearing out spines first). The Predator is a warrior and his addition to the series s would be exciting. Alas, this shall not come to pass unless by some miracle, by some divine intervention that Warner Bros. and 20th Century FOX strike some sort of deal to allow this to happen. But this is not likely. Plus the image is fan based. Ed retweeted just to get those who are following the game excited. I almost believed it.


Now there are other horror characters that can exist in the bloody world of Mortal Kombat. How about Leatherface? New Line acquired him after the third “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” film thus making him a Warner Bros. owned character. He can enter the fray with his signature chainsaw and grind his foes bones to make his bread. Literally. If given the green light for DLC, Leatherface would be a character of average speed, not too fast, not too slow. And he would likely be a close range fighter. “Evil Dead” hero Ash would also be a good contribution. Just hand him his boomstick and machete and let him go town, hacking off limbs and given folks a face full of shotgun shells. Plus he’s a fan favorite. Evil Dead fans would be eager to play as their favorite gun-toting, wise mouth hunter of the dark. Hell, give Ash his chainsaw arm from “Army of Darkness” and let the real fun begin.


But you know who would really work—Jason Voorhees. He is a New Line Cinema character. He is owned by Warner Bros. And he’s already faced off against Freddy. There you go! Jason has combat experience. He can use the environment to beat his foes into submission before beheading them with his machete. Hell, give him two for twice the fun. Freddy was given two sets of claws so why not. You know, that would be really cool. Jason Voorhees with two machetes! Awesome.

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