Cosplay Spotlight: Kristi Kai


Hey Kristi Kai, I guess you’re here for your COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!

Why do you cosplay?

Aside from it being tons of fun to be someone else for a day, the best part is seeing everyone else’s designs and answering questions about your own. I also just truly love to design and build characters using non-traditional materials, such as envisioning my characters in armor instead of soft cloth.

What was your first cosplay?

Lady Bane was technically my first cosplay, inspired of course by Nicole Marie Jean. I loved that she took such a prominent male character and turned it into a strong female version.

Do you make your own cosplay costumes, if so, which ones, and how long does an average costume take to make?

I do make all of my own costumes. I dramatically altered Lady Bane out of a kids costume because I only had 6 hours to have something produced. I wasn’t happy that I didn’t make everything about it, so I studied up and my first Starfire took me three days. I made everything but the wig and the small rhinestones. I have grown a lot since my first costume and now I spend weeks on all the details.

What is your favorite character to play?

Starfire is my favorite because she gets some interesting reactions. I will have a 4 yr old want their picture taken with me immediately followed by someone telling me that the cleavage is too risqué. I guess I just like to see what people will say next.

Amongst animation, comics, movies, or video games, what is your biggest inspiration for cosplay?

DC Comics, closely followed by video games. I will be debuting Saryn from Warframe at Denver Comic Con this year.

Have you ever made any mistakes that you’d warn a first timer about?

Choosing Velcro over buckles in critical places. I had a wardrobe malfunction after wearing Starfire just three times. The Velcro didn’t want to support my movements. I only use buckles now if I can help it. $10 for a 30 pack is worth not exposing yourself.

Are there certain characters that are easier to play than others?

It would depend on how complicated you made your character. Lady Bane is my easiest so far because I get to wear boots instead of heels, but I have a feeling that my Dark Magician Girl is going to be even more natural feeling when she is complete.



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