Cells at Work! anime set to return January 2021!!

Hey J1 Fans, DevilDirver1313 here bringing you some anime news. We have all enjoyed the fun and educational anime Cells At Work, and we have been itching to know what happens now that the Red Blood and White Blood Cell have a new host of friends following the first season’s conclusion. Aniplex has revealed a trailer and key visual for the our favorite cells’ return in the second season set to premiere January 2021 during the Aniplex 48-hour livestream event.

Also during the event, there was a streaming for an anime movie based on a story in volume five of Akane Shimizu’s Cells at Work manga. The announcement stated that the anime movie will premiere first in Japan theaters on September 5 before it will be shown as part of the second season TV anime. The film will be titled “Tokubetsu Jōei-ban “Hataraku Saibō!!” Saikyō no Teki, Futatabi. Karada no Naka wa “Chō” Ōsawagi! (Special Screening Edition: “Cells at Work!” The Return of the Strongest Enemy. A Huge Uproar Inside the Body’s “Bowels!”).

Cells at Work! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu. It features the anthropomorphized cells of a human body, with the two main protagonists being a red blood cell, and a neutrophil she frequently encounters. The manga was serialized in Kodansha’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Sirius starting in March 2015. It is licensed in North America by Kodansha USA. An anime television series adaptation by David Production debuted from July 8 to September 29, 2018. It is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix.