Calling all units!! Calling all units!! It’s a Cheesy Cartoons look at Police Academy: The Series!!


Alright J1 fans, grab some crackers and dip. It’s time for another serving of “Cheesy Cartoons.” Movies were a big deal back in the early days when Bill Cosby was still the all American dad and gas went for $1.29 a gallon. There were many films that produced popular characters most of them muscle bound and toting a large gun of some kind. Comedy films got their humor across without the overuse of fart gags, nut shots and Johnny Knoxville. Several movies were then adapted into animated series for those kids who had to stay home with that one aunt who was just a little too affectionate.


Police Academy followed a rag tag group of recruits in training to serve and protect. Then the screwball recruits got a screwball series. Police Academy: The animated series continued the adventures of Mahoney and company after they became unofficial official cops. Twelve characters are re-created for this animated version, including a team of Academy graduates led by Carey Mahoney, a likeable rogue bachelor boy, who unconsciously—and consistently—does his best to make life miserable for Captain Harris and his knucklehead assistant Sgt. Proctor. Mahoney’s friends include the aptly named Moses Hightower, walking sound effects machine Larvell Jones, trigger-happy Eugene Tackleberry, sweet and timid Laverne Hooks, tough-as-nails Debbie Callahan, larger-than-life House, and the bread-&-butter duo of reformed gang member Zed McGlunk and his best buddy, Carl Sweetchuck. They oftentimes run into the crime boss named Kingpin who resembles the Marvel character of the same name.
Other new characters were added to the show as well. Among them were a group of talking police dogs called the Canine Corps. They were made up of Samson (the bulldog leader), Lobo (the noble yet clumsy husky), Bonehead (the dimwitted giant St. Bernard), Chilipepper (the excitable chihuahua), and Schitzy (the only female golden retriever with an identity crisis). The theme song is performed by the Fat Boys who also make an appearance in two episodes as House’s Friends: Big Boss, Cool and Mark.


CHEESE FACTOR!! Just like the series of films, Police Academy: The Series kept up the lowbrow humor that made them popular. The comedy was cheesy at best but that is also what made the series lovable. Due to being animated, several characters’ personalities and attributes were humorously exaggerated. Such as Moses Hightower being shown to have near superhuman strength, Larvell Jones is able to imitate any sound with acute accuracy and gun loving Tackleberry is seen carrying around a bazooka and ammo which was more of a comedic prop than used for actual destruction. Also, the names of the various villains were clearly inspired by Dick Tracy with names such as Numbskull, who was an idiot; Claw, who used a claw like device; The Phantom of the Opera, no explanation needed here; and the Clown Gang who were exactly that.


WHY WE WATCHED!! Fun, plain and simple! The low brow humor was just as enjoyable in the series as the films. Plus, the cartoon antics of the screwball cops work well and was able to cater to the younger audience thus spreading the franchise across a wider range and generating new fans. It should be noted that none of the original cast reprised their roles for their animated counterparts. Even so, the actors chosen to fill those roles conveyed the characters played by Steve Guttenburg, Michael Winslow and Bubba Smith very well. Police Academy: The Series ran for two seasons between 1988 and 1989. Even though it was short-lived, we will never forgot the screwballs cops who made life that much funnier, no matter how cheesy it got.

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Police Academy: The Series intro featuring the Fat Boys!!

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