Broly’s second coming?! Possible Dragon Ball Super movie sequel in the works!!

No doubt, Dragon Ball Super: Broly was the anime event of the year thus far. Grossing $124.5 million in the United States since it debuted in December 2018, the movie has helped make fan-favorite Broly part of the Dragon Ball Universe, where he wasn’t when he was first introduced in 1993. Because of this, the head of the Dragon Ball team wants to capitalize on the film’s success.

In the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly in Japan, an interview with the head of the Dragon Ball team, Akiyo Iyoku has been included. Iyoku states that the team is making “preparations for the next Dragon Ball movie.” While no further details are given, Akiyo Iyoku does say that the next film “could move in a different direction.”

Neither Funimation nor Toei Animation have made any comments regarding the project. There is no word from distributor 20th Century Fox Japan. However, Iyoku’s comments do suggest that a new Dragon Ball film is on the horizon in some shape or form.

Source: Gamespot