Blood and Carnage and Gore, Oh my!! Mortal Kombat 11 reveals gameplay, fatalities and more!!


When the teaser trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 was revealed at the Game Awards 2018, fans have been frothing at the mouth for more info about the latest installment in the long running fighting game franchise. On Thursday January 17, NetherRealm Studios opened the Krypt and revealed all the treasures contained within. At the event, new game play techniques were revealed, showcasing “fatal blows”, the contemporary to x-rays. The event also showed a 25 character roster, which includes newcomers Kronika and Geras, both of which have powers that allow them to control the flow of time. Also shown was the prologue to the story and featured Ronda Rousey, the voice actor for Sonya Blade. Liu Kang and Kung Lao also appear in the story cinematic but it is not confirmed whether they will be returning.

For the first time ever, players will be able to customize their characters with various skins, outfits and weapons. Case in point, Ed Boon walks us through at the event on how variable the customization system is using Mortal Kombat’s favorite “Ghost Rider” ninja, Scorpion, as an example.

Mortal Kombat would not be Mortal Kombat without brutal gameplay, killer kombos and, of course, the oh-so-sweet fatality. Ed Boon walks through the gameplay mechanics and the introduction of the offensive and defensive meters.

Geras is a new addition to Mortal Kombat. He can control the sands of Egypt at will and manipulate time itself. The reveal trailer shows Geras’ variety of sand based attacks ending with a mind-blowing fatality.

The cinematic trailer shows that Raiden has gone all kinds of bat s*** crazy.
Premise: Following Shinnok’s defeat in Mortal Kombat X, a corrupted Raiden plans to protect Earthrealm by destroying all its enemies, but a new enemy known as Kronica, who calls herself “The Keeper of Time”, is attempting to bring order to the universe through any means necessary, as well as planning to destroy Raiden for previously changing the timeline.

And of course, the best for last. Let’s FINISH THIS!!

The kombatants thus far include:

Mortal Kombat 11 launches April 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. Pre-Order to play as Shao Khan and get early Open Beta access.