Bally and Williams leave Pinball Arcade!!

So, are you having fun playing virtual pinball featuring classic machines on your portable device? Well, enjoy it while it lasts. Pinball Arcade, the digital pinball simulator, is taking a huge hit. WMS Industries, who holds the rights to Bally and Williams, will not be renewing their contract with FarSight meaning that Pinball Arcade loses out on dozens of tables as of June 30 when their current contract runs out. Popular Bally and Williams tables such as Addams Family, Medieval Madness, Twilight Zone, Bride of Pinbot, Tales of Arabian Nights, Magic Theater and Star Trek: The Next Generation will no longer be available. Anyone who has purchased these tables are safe. Those of you who haven’t and wish to enjoy the old days of playing pinball then you have until the end of June to get these tables while they last. FarSight has licenses with Gottlieb, Alvin G. and Company, and Stern Pinball, a company which also owns the rights of machines from Data East and Sega Pinball.

FarSight made the announcement on their Facebook page:

They have recently included a list of games that will no longer be available following June 30.

FarSight launched Pinball Arcade for a variety of devices in smartphones and consoles in 2012. The game is available for download on a number of devices through their respective online stores, including Android (along with derivatives such as Kindle Fire and Ouya), iOS, Windows (through Steam), macOS (though the Mac App Store and Steam), PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U in North America, and Nintendo Switch.