Attack on Titan VA leaves agency after 23 years!!

Yui Ishikawa, known for her role as Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan, has decided to leave her agency after 23 years. The 29 year old actress made the announcement on her blog account on April 30 that she has left the Sunaoka Office which is affiliated with Himawari Theater Group. She joined the Himawari Theater Group when she was six years old and moved to the Sunaoka Office when she entered high school.

Here is what she wrote on her official blog: “Of course, I feel lonely and scary about leaving a place like my second home. To be honest, I do not know what will happen. I will take full responsibility if anything happens. However, because I had stayed in one same place for so long, I have started thinking that I want to see one step outside of the world. That’s why I made the very important decision for me to leave Himawari.”

Beside portraying Mikasa Ackerman, Yui Ishikawa has also played Dhianeila in Heroic Age (2007), China Kousaka in Gundam Build Fighters (2013-3014), Hinaki Shinjo in Aikatsu! (2014-2016), Mimika Mikagami in Fafner in the Azure: Exodus (2015), Canaria Utara in Qualidea Code (2016), Tomoe Takasago in Eromanga Sensei (2017), Violet Evergarden in Violet Evergarden (2018), Kyururu in Kemono Friends 2 (2019).

Yui Ishikawa confirmed that she will continue her professional career in voice acting. Whether she will join another agency or work as a freelancer is not yet known.

Source: Yui Ishikawa official blog