Arcade1Up bringing back NBA JAM and other classic titles as new arcade units!

Remember the good old days of hanging in the arcade with your buds and a fist full of quarters ready to play some two-on-two basketball with popular NBA superstars. Those days are coming back!

Hello fellow gamers and J1 Fans, DevilDriver1313 is here with the latest in gaming news. In a report from IGN, retro arcade cabinet maker Arcade1Up is bringing back the classic basketball title NBA JAM, as well as Burger Time and a sit-down Star Wars game in new arcade cabinets. The new NBA JAM cabinet will feature multiplayer allowing player to challenge each other on the arcade units. The new units will include NBA JAM, NBA JAM Tournament and NBA JAM Hangtime.

Star Wars sit-down arcade unit was revealed along with classic games such as Golden Axe and Shinobi

Get ready to channel the force with the new Star Wars sit-down arcade unit, brave the treacherous highway crossing in Frogger, and battle ancient gods and monster in five Sega action titles: Golden Axe, Alter Beast, Shinobi, Wrestle Wars and Golden Axe – Revenge of Death Adder, all of which will be returning as brand new cabinets.

The new Burger Time (or it should be known as the original Diner Dash) cabinet will include the classic games Karate Champ, Caveman Ninja (aka Joe & Mac) and Bad Dudes (aka Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja). The cabinet will feature Burger Time artwork, a light up marquee, rounded side panels to keep true to the original. The Burger Time cabinet is available for preorder at Arcade1Up website with a ship date of March 1.

Until then, I’ll see you “On the NXT LVL!”

Source: IGN