Anime shorts of classic series joins Crunchyroll’s Fall lineup!!


The Glass Mask Year 3 Class D are anime shorts based on the series “Glass Mask”, which centers on poetically the mask of faces that actors wear – while expressing emotions that are not their own, the mask they wear (their acting) is as fragile as glass. If the actors are distracted, their mask will “break” and show on stage the actors’ true feelings. This new series of 3D shorts pokes fun of the classic dramatic 1976 ongoing shōjo manga by Suzue Miuchi. The series will be set in a set in a drama school (of all places) and will be overly dramatic itself. If you have been watching Rooster Teeth’s spoof “RWBY Chibi” then you know what to expect. The first are available now with more scheduled for Mondays at 7am.

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