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We’d like to use this post to recognize the awesomeness that is a group and their online community of people much like yourself. The members of A.C.M.G. are constantly traveling to bring you video interviews with cool people and coverage of hot events!

The A.C.M.G. group is hosted on facebook with over 500 members from all over the world. Whatever it is you’re into, you can post about it, discuss it, and have fun talking with folks who enjoy the same things as you.

Click the link below to join!

It’s also safe to say that A.C.M.G. is a fan of J1Studios as well! They’ve done interviews with our company’s president, and our sound team as well as with many of the artists and performer’s who entertain us at our J1-CON events! Daxavier Josiah, the face of A.C.M.G’s videos is a cool guy and his interviews are fun to watch!

Check out and subscribe to the A.C.M.G. Youtube Channel!

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