All hail Bowsette!! Fan made character takes internet by storm!!

On September 13, Nintendo revealed a new Super Crown power up for Toadette that allowed her to transform into “Peachette”, an adult version of her that resembles Princess Peach with a mixture of the two characters’ abilities. Fans were not so supportive of this, wanting Princess Peach to be included in the game rather than via a cosplay character. Twitter user @ayyk92, inspired by the character, drew a four panel comic a week afterward the shows Mario and Bowser being turned down by Peach. Bowser uses the Super Crown to turn himself into a gender bend version of himself resembling Peach, being dubbed Princess Bowser in Japan. Here in the States, she is known as “Bowsette.”

Bowsette quickly rose in popularity. @ayyk92’s original tweet has received over 70,000 retweets and more than 160,000 likes and his followers went from 78 to over 1000 in a day. Bowsette is one of the most trending terms on Twitter, ranking #4. She has seemingly exploded over night with many fans creating their own artwork depicting the new Koopa Queen.

Haniwa’s latest pic retells the villain scene from “Wreck-It Ralph”.

And how does Haniwa feel about his newfound fame.

Hopefully, Bowsette’s popularity is not a fly by night sensation. It shouldn’t be long before we start seeing cosplays or – ahem – DLC *cough cough* Mario Kart.