Ace Attorney returns for a 2nd season!! No Objections!!

Phoenix Wright is back in session! The Ace Attorney anime based on Capcom’s series of game is returning for a second season this Fall. The next season, titled “Gyakuten Saiban ~ Sono “Shinjitsu,” Igiari! ~ Season 2 (Ace Attorney ~To That “Truth,” Objection! ~ Season 2), will see the return of the original cast and staff members including director Ayumu Watanabe, series writer Atsuhiro Tomioka, composer Kaoru Wada, and character designer and chief animation director Keiko Ota. Shu Takumi, the original game director, is collaborating on the anime.

The first season premiered in April 2016 and coverd the first two games on the series. Crunchyroll aired the anime and Funimation released the first season DVD in January.