A trust worthy episode?! Arrow S1 Ep11 Recap!!


Is it easy to trust? If so, then who can you trust? Can you trust a love one? What about a friend? You can at least trust your parents, right? Right? What if you couldn’t trust anyone, then what? This was the theme for last night’s episode of Arrow. It starts with a heist of an armored car. After watching the report on the news, Oliver decides to investigate. It seems he’s moving away from the vigilante routine on the path to becoming a hero more so than an outlaw. Diggle, his trusted bodyguard and the only person to know his secret life, is with him. Oliver recognizes the weapons used to take out the armor car. They were used in a previous heist. Further searching leads to a man named Ted Gayner, whose name also appears on the list. Diggle is quick to defend Ted and tells Oliver of their history together in the Army. Diggle asks Oliver to step back and allow him to prove his friend’s innocence. Oliver later shows up at the Blackhawk Security office building as the hooded vigilante where he makes his way to Ted Gayner. However, Diggle is there to stop him, knowing full well that Oliver would show. He trusted Oliver to stay away from Ted but Diggle knew he couldn’t. The two have a falling out later with Diggle holding his ground about Ted’s involvement in the heist. Oliver still doesn’t believe that Ted is innocent and continues to look into the case behind Diggle’s back even going as far as to place a listening device on Diggle without his knowledge.

Diggle has not only had his trust betrayed by his employer but his trust will soon be betrayed by the last person he would ever expect—his friend Ted Gayner. According to Diggle, Ted has saved his life while they served in the military with Ted being his commanding officer. Diggle clearly respects Gayner and will put his life on the line for him. Ted, on the other hand, has cast all that to the wind by kidnapping John Diggle’s wife Carly and forcing him to partake in the next heist. Diggle cannot help but be stunned. Here is a man he has admired and respected so much who has turned to crime. Diggle even defended him against a person who trusted him enough to let him in on his secret where no one else could.

Trust is a very strange creature. It can put a strain on even the tightest of families. Trust in the Queen household is also an issue, mostly between Thea and Moira. Thea has been noticing her mother’s strange behavior since her new husband Walter went missing. She has also taken note of her mother’s calls to Malcolm, the father of Oliver’s friend Tommy, and the frequency of their conversations. This recalls an incident that happened before her father Robert Queen went missing as well. Moira apparently cheated on Robert with Malcolm. And now she is doing it again with Walter missing. Or so Thea thinks. Moira and Malcolm’s meetings have been about their secret organization which resulted in the disappearance of both her husbands and put Oliver on an uncharted island. Thea very upset by this (which may explain their strained relationship) and confronts her mother about it. Moira denies the accusations.

Tommy’s relationship with his father hasn’t been in the best of shape since he was financially cut off. Malcolm reaches out to his son and invites him and Laurel to dinner. Tommy knows his father and doesn’t trust him and with good reason. At dinner, Malcolm drops a bombshell on his son. He wants Tommy to sign off on a clinic that was built by his late mother so he can shut it down. The whole dinner thing was all a ploy which doesn’t surprise Tommy; however, it does infuriate him. Malcolm’s arrogance even shock Laurel who actually gave him the benefit of a doubt.

The issue of trust is and always will be a fickle creature. It can create strong bonds within relationships if it is treasured. However, those bonds can also be severed the instant it is lost. Just like when Oliver trusted that his sister had given up getting high only to see her being arrested for being under the influence of drugs following a car accident. Will he be able to trust her again?

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