A new series on Cartoon Network!! Soul Eater coming to Toonami?

Patty: "Ooh, what is it?" Soul: "Looks like we've been assigned to Toonami." (Foreground: Soul, Patty, Blair; midground: Black Star, Maka, Death the Kid; background: Tsubaki, Liz)

I like when my predictions come true. It was more than a week ago that I had a discussion with someone about what anime would be cool to run on Toonami since Thundercats is pretty much done with. I thought Soul Eater would be good. And guess what’s happening? That’s right! The students of DWMA are coming to reap Kishin souls on Toonami and they’re on right after Naruto. First, new episodes of Bleach, followed by Naruto-Uncut and then Soul Eater! Talk about an awesome line-up! They may be messing up with DC Nation, but at least Cartoon Network is getting Toonami right and making it better. Now if they would run Yu-Gi-Oh in Samuari 7 timeslot, that would be too cool. *Sigh* Too bad Yugi’s already running on Nick Toons.

Soul Eater premieres Saturday, February 16 at 1:00 am! Watch it or I’ll take your soul!